Don’t Sacrifice Great Content for Visibility


ADOTAS – When was the last time you read an article, tweet or post that began with, “The Top 10…?” If you are like me, then it was probably recently. From top-tier business publishers to long tail blogs, “Top 10s” are inescapable.

We know that publisher “Top 10 Insider Secrets…” and the “Five Reasons to Never…” are bound to be shared across Twitter, Facebook and the socialsphere. People like them. They are quick, easy to read and fun. That’s why these types of “listicles” seem to get a lot of traction today. However, while lists and memes may attract readers to a story, it probably keeps them on the page for mere seconds. This makes it is almost impossible for brands to engage consumers in such a short window.

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As an advertising technology professional, engagement is our Holy Grail.  Wouldn’t you agree? So what makes consumers engaged?

  • Content: Meaningful and relevant content that is easy to use. Consumers don’t want to have to hunt and peck.
  • Multi-Screen: Consumers are omnichannel. Mobile web access is growing at a rapid pace. They want to have the ability to view content across smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • Mobile: Nearly 60 percent of American adults access the Internet with their mobile phones.
  • Tablet: Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project says that 42 percent of U.S. adults now own a tablet, citing results from a survey conducted this January.
  • Video and Images: Imagery and video are another source of great appeal. Consumers have moved from blogs and microblogs to visual social media sites including but not limited to Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat and Instagram. Why? Well as humans, we like pictures. Many websites are moving toward more image-heavy interfaces that combine images, video, text, interactivity and a good amount of scrolling.

Sure publishers want traffic, but isn’t time spent still a major goal? Everyone in the space talks about the relationship between content and editorial to advertising. Brands and advertisers want to make sure their brand(s) are showcased alongside content that is appropriate, relevant and complementary.

For instance, when a premium brand like Mercedes is assessing media properties to advertise online, the publisher not only needs to have a high index against the target audience and lifestyle, but it should have engaging content as well. Capturing attention quickly is also important, particularly among the affluent audience who are the hardest to reach and the heaviest shoppers. Relevance is the key to capturing their attention, and once that attention is captured, the affluent audience will reward you by spending “as much as 217 percent more time engaging with online retail ads than the average browser.”

It’s no doubt that publishers are taxed with finding new ways to attract readers barraged by an influx of websites, blogs, feeds, social media and the like. The growth of the always-on, always-connected audience has reinforced the demand for quality content. This provides brands with opportunities to appeal to the readers to raise awareness, interaction, engagement and ultimately sales.

The bottom line is, better content leads to monetization. Consumers that are apt to engage with brands will most likely do so on sites with engaging quality content. Publishers who implement this will attract the best advertisers and reap the benefits of their engagement.



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