Dialsmith Touts New 1st-of-its-Kind Video Rating Technology


PORTLAND, Ore., April 10, 2014 (ADOTAS) —Dialsmith, worldwide developer, marketer and seller of the Perception Analyzer®audience response tools, has announced the general availability of Slidermetrix, a Software as a Service (SaaS) application that allows online publishers, media researchers and others sharing online content to easily add continuous, second-by-second ratings to any online video embedded on a website.

Through Slidermetrix’s do-it-yourself service, a fully customizable slider is added below the video window, allowing viewers to continuously rate the content second-by-second as they watch it. Unlike typical “Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down” or “Star” ratings, where a viewer watches a video and then rates it one time after-the-fact, a viewer watching a Slidermetrix video is actively rating the video throughout.


“Slidermetrix transforms viewing online video from what has historically been a passive experience to something much more interactive and engaging,” said David Paull (pictured), Founder and CEO of Dialsmith. “This is a tool that content websites can use to offer a unique experience to their visitors and engage them in a way they’ve never been able to before.”

Slidermetrix recently closed out a Beta testing period with several high profile participants. One such participant was HSN (formerly Home Shopping Network) who has been using Slidermetrix to engage with and solicit feedback from their online Insider Community. HSN embeds the Slidermetrix videos, showing clips of recorded segments of HSN’s television programming, within its Insider Community environment and asks Community members to watch and continuously rate different aspects of its programming, including how much they like/dislike the hosts, the on-screen graphics, or the show’s format.

Elizabeth Merrick, HSN’s Senior Manager, Customer Insight’s noted, “Our HSN Insider Community has a wide range of engagement tools, but I was missing a way to measure some of our key research questions in a way true to the community’s collaborative and transparent DNA. Our business is highly driven by TV, so I had a bevy of TV-related questions.  I couldn’t just ask my Insiders to passively watch a video and then give feedback; I wanted an option that would engage them in a unique way and allow them to feel like they were all watching together as a community. Slidermetrix is the only tool I know of that can do that.”

Merrick said she has also been pleased with the engagement metrics driven by Slidermetrix. “Any week we had a Slidermetrix activity, we saw the average time spent on the page increase by a double digit percentage. This was impressive, considering the significant time our Insiders were already spending on the site. At HSN, we are very aware that we offer interactions, not just transactions, so seeing our customers spend more time with us is absolutely delightful. We’ll be continuing to use Slidermetrix with our upcoming HSN Insider programs throughout the year.”

Slidermetrix also recently powered a Super Bowl ad rating feature for nearly a dozen Gannett-owner television stations around the country that generated close to 35,000 unique ratings in a week’s time. Using Slidermetrix, visitors to the stations’ websites were able to watch and continuously rate each of this year’s Super Bowl ads and then see how their ratings measured up to other viewers. Stations were able to provide their viewers with a unique and interactive experience on their websites and collect feedback on the Super Bowl ads that was used in reporting.  Stations reported positive engagement numbers with average dwell times on the Super Bowl ad feature page being more than double the average time visitors spent on other site pages.

Slidermetrix is available now on a subscription basis. Subscriptions include training and support services. To inquire about subscription pricing or to view sample Slidermetrix videos, please visit www.slidermetrix.com.

About Slidermetrix

Slidermetrix is a Software as a Service (SaaS) application that adds continuous, second-by-second rating capabilities to embedded online video. Through the Slidermetrix application, a fully customizable slider is added below a video, allowing viewers to continuously rate it as they watch. Real-time feedback is captured for display back to the viewer or for use in research and/or reporting. For online publishers, Slidermetrix creates a unique and interactive experience that increases viewer engagement and drives metrics for increased ad revenues. For marketing and media researchers, Slidermetrix offers a fast, cost-effective approach to market test recorded video content. To view a demo or request subscription information, please visit www.slidermetrix.com.

About Dialsmith

Dialsmith is a Portland, Oregon-based technology company that develops products and services for research, audience engagement and live event scoring. We are pioneers in the development of tools for capturing and displaying continuous and moment-to-moment feedback and are the worldwide marketers, sellers and service providers for the Perception Analyzer, Perception Analyzer Online, ISX Scoring and Slidermetrix. Featured on CNN, FOX News, Food Network, ESPN X Games, The New York Times and more, Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer tools are the gold standard for dial-based focus group testing, public opinion polling and audience engagement. To learn more, please visit www.dialsmith.com.


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