DataXu Marries Personalized Storytelling and Programmatic with Acquisition of JasperLabs


BOSTON, April 24, 2014 (ADOTAS) – DataXu, a leading provider of programmatic marketing software for brands and agencies, today announced the acquisition of JasperLabs, a San Francisco-based provider of dynamic creative optimization (DCO) software. Dynamic creative optimization is a powerful tool for digital marketers, enabling them to change the creative elements of an ad in real time. Coupled with DataXu’s industry-leading programmatic marketing platform and algorithmic optimization, the combined solution gives marketers the ultimate ability to craft a real-time, personalized customer experience and execute it programmatically at scale, maximizing marketing return-on-investment (ROI).

The acquisition comes after more than a year of DataXu and JasperLabs working jointly to deliver campaigns for customers like Essence Digital and BSSP. JasperLabs founder and CEO Stefan Lucyshyn and his team will join DataXu in product management and engineering capacities.

This acquisition is the latest in a series of moves building the industry’s most robust programmatic marketing software solution. Earlier this year, DataXu announced support for video private exchange and released a new version of its self-service console for use by brands and agencies looking to take programmatic in-house.

“Brands are struggling to engage the empowered digital consumer,” said Mike Baker (pictured), CEO of DataXu. “Legacy ‘advertising’ approaches are increasingly seen as ineffective. We’re thrilled to give our customers what they’ve been asking for: an integrated platform for engaging the right consumer at the right time with personally relevant content.”

“We’re excited by the news of this acquisition because we’ve seen how well DataXu and JasperLabs work together,” said Lynda Richardson, Media Director of BSSP. “For Columbia Sportswear, we created a first to market real-time bidding and serving platform that is able to automatically increase impression volume when key weather patterns hit, and serve dynamic creative using the local weather across all impressions. Did it pay off? Product engagement on went up 4x from the prior Fall/Winter campaign.

“I’ve worked with JasperLabs over a three year period on numerous accounts, and have great respect for their technical innovation and commitment to customer success,” said Eric Yang, Director of Essence Digital. “We’ve given them challenging accounts with thousands of product SKUs and complex targeting rules – and they’ve delivered great results. This is a great merger for JasperLabs and DataXu, and for their customers.”

“Stand-alone dynamic creative is a powerful tool, but when it’s integrated into a comprehensive platform like DataXu’s, marketers can go the last mile and deliver brand stories in a more impactful and highly targeted way because they are based on data science,” said Lucyshyn.

About DataXu

DataXu is transforming the way companies build their brands in a digital world through the industry’s only fully integrated programmatic marketing solution. The DataXu Platform offers cloud based software that leverages data science to help enterprise marketers better understand and engage consumers throughout the buying journey, and optimally manage marketing investments for more efficient and effective customer acquisition strategies. With 11 offices in eight countries, DataXu services more than 700 brands across the globe. For more information, visit or follow us at


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