Celtra Partners with Leading Media Suppliers to Launch Smart Video Ad Formats & Responsive Ad Design


BOSTON, April 7, 2014 (ADOTAS) – Celtra Inc., an industry leader in mobile display ad creation, serving and analytics, today launched a family of new Smart Video Ad Formats for all mobile devices. These formats use a brand new Celtra developed video technology and leverage newly developed responsive ad design capabilities.

Participating in the launch are the leading mobile advertising players including Skype, Opera Mediaworks, and AdTheorent, who are partnering with Celtra to further develop and improve the technology and user experience of Smart Video Ad Formats.

Celtra’s Smart Video Ad Formats bring together groundbreaking in-banner device agnostic video technology, responsive ad design and built-in social sharing capabilities, including Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, packaged into easy to use ad templates that significantly reduce production time. This enables advertisers to bring beautiful, effective and consistent video ad experiences across all mobile devices effortlessly and quickly to market at unprecedented scale.

Working with a strong set of strategic launch partners will enable Celtra to take the innovation even further, drawing on the partner expertise and ensuring unmatched ad quality. Partners participating in the launch will get a seat at the table allowing them to work directly with Celtra’s product team on further development of new video ad format templates.

“At Skype, we see tremendous user growth on mobile. User access via mobile device has increased 100% year-over-year and as a result, the effective use of mobile display advertising is a top priority for us as an increasing number of our users access Skype on mobile devices,” said Lovina McMurchy, GM of Skype Advertising, Microsoft Corp. “We welcome the opportunity to participate in Celtra’s pilot program to launch these truly responsive video ad formats, getting a chance to not only be among the first to introduce this superior video ad experience into the Skype environment but also to influence further development and customization of user experience to provide our advertisers with unbeatable performance and results.”

Celtra’s Smart Video Ad Formats are powered by best-in-class video analytics featuring a comprehensive metrics dashboard, deep real-time insight into the consumption of video content across the entire campaign.

“We think this is a great solution for delivering an in-banner video ad consistently across all devices and, more importantly, across our entire inventory spanning a variety of different publishers both within app and mobile web environments,” said Orr Orenstein, Head of Innovation, Opera Mediaworks.  “Not only are these formats consistent and reliable, but offer full control over the video allowing for endless creative options.”

“The current and projected growth in mobile video advertising is not surprising and the brands that tap our network are using this medium with greater frequency as it yields high engagement when the ad is targeted and relevant,” said Anthony Iacovone, CEO and Co-Founder of AdTheorent.  “AdTheorent’s predictive targeting capabilities in the RTB environment coupled with Celtra’s Smart Video Ad units, which are interactive, engaging and quickly deployed will be a win win for our advertisers.”

“As brand advertisers are looking to mobile, video will play an increasingly important role in building brand presence and engaging consumers on mobile devices,” said Matevz Klanjsek (pictured), co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Celtra. “Unlike in-stream video ads that typically just broadcast repurposed bare-bones TV assets, Smart Video Ad Formats enrich video content with additional branding and interactive features enabling advertisers to better grab consumers’ attention and get them engaged with the brand. ”

About Celtra Inc.

Celtra Inc. is the industry leader for mobile display advertising and analytics across mobile devices. AdCreator 3, which is used directly by top agencies, publishers and ad networks in more than 30 countries, is the only complete, SDK-agnostic platform for building, managing and tracking effective rich media mobile advertisements. Celtra’s unparalleled HTML5 ad formats and features are optimized for different mobile platforms and devices ensuring flawless functionality and the best possible user experience. For more information, visit Celtra at www.celtra.com or @CeltraMobile on Twitter.

Celtra is headquartered in Boston (MA), with offices in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London (UK), Tokyo (JP) and Ljubljana (SI).



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