AdsNative Announces $2M Funding, SSP/Mediation Capability


SAN FRANCISCO, April 3, 2014 (ADOTAS) — AdsNative, a turn-key platform provider that enables publishers to sell various kinds of native ads directly to advertisers, is pleased to announce its new mediation capabilities to automatically maximize native revenue for publishers,  as well as a fresh round of financing led by Interwest Partners.

AdsNative helps its customers sell native in-feed ads directly to their advertisers with a turn-key solution. Publishers always make the highest CPMs when they sell directly to advertisers. In addition to managing direct-sold campaigns, AdsNative now enables its customers to add any number of native networks/exchanges and automatically ensures maximum fill-rates and revenue.

AdsNative just closed a new round of financing led by Interwest Partners, with participation from Onset Ventures, Foundry Group Angel, KBS+ Ventures and ad-tech angels such as Mike Kerns (SVP at Yahoo), Barry Honig and others. The company had previously raised money from ad-tech angels such as  Kerns, as well as Keval Desai and Richard Chen (ex-Google ad guys).

“Brands and agencies have always had to adapt to how people consume and create media,” said Taylor Davidson, Director with kbs+ Ventures. “The rise of social platforms and distributed publishing, combined with mobile, tablets and non-desktop experiences, expanded the variety of ways in which people see and interact with content and advertising. This shift creates the opportunity for brands and agencies to mesh intelligent creative with intelligent technology to deliver ads that fit this wider range of new contents and contexts, at scale. We’ve seen this shift directly at kbs+ through the agency’s work with many clients, and it helped form our opinion on the Ventures side about the types of solutions that will win in the long-term, AdsNative was one of the companies that fit into our thesis.”

“AdsNative’s new mediation functionality was driven by customer demand,” said Satish Polisetti (pictured), CEO at AdsNative. “With the growth of native ad networks/exchanges, publishers are looking for best ways to manage backfill from native networks in addition to their direct-sold campaigns without spending efforts in ad-ops and engineering. Our customers talked, we listened and responded.”

“We’re continuously approached by native ad networks to place their ads on our pages. In an effort to maximize revenue and fill, we’ve turned to AdsNative to optimize fill and eCPM. Plus the ability to layer in a native marketplace and ease of executing direct buys through their platform gives us the best ability to maximize our potential revenue,” said Grant Brown, CRO at Rant Media Network.

AdsNative provides ad-servers, tools and infrastructure to its customers to manage millions of native ads every month.

“We always want to remove any hassle for our customers to execute direct native buys. We give tools to every stakeholder – developers, designers, ad-ops and sales,” said Dhawal Mujumdar, Head of Product at AdsNative. “We commit ourselves to expedite our customer’s time from having a native strategy to execution through a turn-key platform. This applies to our new mediation capabilities.”

The majority of AdsNative team is from UC Berkeley.

“We are expanding our engineering and business teams,” said Max Gutman, CTO at AdsNative.  “We are excited about the launch of our new platform capabilities. Our customers will benefit immediately,” stated Kuldeep Kapade, Head of Publisher Development at AdsNative.

About AdsNative

AdsNative is the Supply Side Platform (SSP) for premium publishers to expedite their native ad strategies and maximize revenue from direct-sold and network-sold campaigns. AdsNative customers includes premium publishers such as Politico, SourceForge, Rant Media Network and currently processes hundreds of millions of ads per month.


  1. it’s worth mentioning that this not “native advertising” at large but sponsored content ads….native ads is way broader than that specially if you include native ads on mobile apps…

    this is more an SSP for Sponsored content….

    Ouriel Ohayon


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