Webmoblink Launches RTB Exchange for Mobile and Online Advertising


MIAMI, February 27, 2014 (ADOTAS) — Webmoblink, the leading global, independent and privately owned mobile ad network with a solid expertise in the LATAM and US Hispanic markets, have entered the programmatic exchange fray. Being the first mobile ad network to launch its own real-time bidding (RTB) marketplace for both mobile and online ad campaigns on top of its existing ad-serving platform. The company promises that Webmoblink’s RTB Exchange will allow its customers — on both the supply and demand sides — to benefit , as advertisers bid easily on individual impressions across both mobile and online ad campaigns and publishers tap into more real-time demand, leading to increased fill rates.

“The launch of our own mobile and online RTB exchange today signals our total commitment to programmatic advertising, and a new milestone at Webmoblink which will greatly accelerate our growth during this year and beyond,” said Webmoblink CEO Carlos Taboada. “New and exciting features which are currently under development will be added to our RTB during this year. Essentially we are making of buying ads across all digital media something effective, seamless and easy .Our goal for Webmoblink is simple: to continue leveraging and developing the huge potential of mobile advertising while expanding our offerings with great products to customers and partners worldwide.”

Webmoblink RTB Exchange DSP (Demand Side Platform) is connected to all major global sell-side providers of online,  rich-media, apps, mobile video and mobile content, including carrier on portal audience, mobile web sites, WAP sites as well as applications traffic.

Webmoblink ad network processes more than 35 billion ad requests monthly around the world across five continents and it has delivered ad campaigns for world top brands like Chase, Burger King, Claro, Chevrolet, Ebay, Walmart, Tesco, Universal, Expedia, Oi , Hotels.com, Banco Itau, Intel and others.

To learn more about Webmoblink and the global advertising opportunities available to clients, visit:http://www.webmoblink.com

About Webmoblink

Webmoblink is a leading, independent and privately owned mobile ad network featuring our own Mobile RTB Exchange serving all worldwide with a solid expertise in the LATAM and US Hispanic markets. Webmoblink’s unique ad-serving capabilities combined with the extensive mobile expertise and experience of the company’s management and staff provides the highest possible return on advertising investment for clients worldwide. We work and deliver creative ideas and solutions to Advertisers, Brands, Ad Agencies, Trading Desks and Publishers to help them achieve their advertising goals.


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