Today’s Burning Question: What’s the Top Story from #adtechSF2014?


ADOTAS — ad:tech San Francisco 2014 wrapped up yesterday with the newly rechristened Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs discussing his launch last fall of RevoltTV, a multi-genre, multi-platform music network, and his vision for how it can change the music landscape forever.

ad:tech is typically a forum for making major announcements and defining the hottest trends in the ecosystem, so we reached out to industry leaders with Today’s Burning Question: “What do you feel is the most important story to emerge from ad:tech San Francisco 2014?” Here’s how they responded.

“The most important story emerging from the conference is that content marketing and ad technology are getting married – and every digital marketer is invited to the wedding. With Content now a full fledged track for the conference program, it’s been plain to see that brands, agencies, publishers and solution providers are looking for ways to combine the value and engagement of content marketing with the power, scale and data intelligence of digital advertising.” — Adam Weinroth, CMO of OneSpot.

“I’d say the proliferation of mobile apps and new mobile ad types was prevalent. A lot of companies have sprung up to address the mobile experience; it’ll be interesting to see which survive in that space, and why.” — Hillary Reade, Director of Marketing, 3Q Digital.

“It’s a mixed bag: there were a few stories that sent a shiver up your spine, like geolocation tracking without mention of user consent and applauding ads that intentionally camouflage themselves as editorial. But there were also signs of encouragement, like the realization that banners cannot translate to mobile and the novel idea that the industry must continue to change, offering users relevance and quality.” — Ben Williams, PR Director, Adblock Plus.

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  1. Marketers are faced with a tremendous challenge,but flip side of every challenge is an opportunity. With the sheer number of devices out there and the continued global growth digital marketers have to continuously rethink how they reach and engage consumers. From what we heard ad:techSF, it’s clear that recognizing users is the critical first step in the mobile marketing relationship. Without that capability, you’re not going to see the level of performance that advertisers – and consumers – have come to expect in the digital world. A big challenge but also a big opportunity.


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