Today’s Burning Question: What Do You Think of Facebook’s New Ad Structure?


ADOTAS — Facebook today rolled out its new ad structure, which it announced last week.

The new format, which is intended to “make it easier for advertisers of every size to organize, optimize and measure their ads,” is explained in the graphic below:

Here’s how industry leaders are reacting to the change:

“Facebook’s new ad structure follows the Google AdWords format, allowing better message and offer targeting to prospective customers. This is a significant improvement in allowing advertisers to approach varying audiences with unique messaging, offers and visuals based upon their expressed interests. The ability to manage budgets and scheduling at the ad set level also makes the ability to maximize campaign performance easier and more refined.” — LuRae Lumpkin, vice president of global paid media services at Covario.

“This is a smart move by Facebook. They are basically enabling Dynamic Creative on social media. Advertisers can now speak to an audience with 5-6 different pieces of creative that are relevant to a specific audience rather than put a more general ad in front of a larger group. It takes advertising to a new level, allowing big brands that Sizmek works with to target their messaging on a more granular level, refresh it and optimize it as we already do in other media.” — AJ Vernet, CEO and Founder of Republic Project, a Sizmek Company.

“Overall, this is great. Especially being able to have different campaigns with different objectives and being able to have different sets of ads within those campaigns. This new structure will make it easier for advertisers to segment and target ads under one specific goal, i.e. driving traffic towards your website. I see this as a good improvement, nothing very innovative though.” — Frans Van Hulle, CEO/Co-Founder of ReviMedia.

“Facebook is moving towards the needs of brand advertisers, and beyond a singular focus on performance advertising. This new ad structure is more than a simple usability improvement. It gives Facebook a stronger proposition to major brands that want to use more diverse sets of creative and a more thoughtful approach to audience segmentation in order to find what really engages consumers.” — Bryan Gernert, CEO, Resonate.

“Facebook’s new campaign structure better aligns with the way agencies and brands manage their initiatives at scale. We’re confident in the value this will bring their clients, because we built a similar feature on top of Facebook’s hierarchy in our platform last year. This helped our clients save time and more effectively manage their large initiatives. We think this is a great move for Facebook and an important feature for their clients and partners.” — Lance Neuhauser, CEO of 4C.

“Facebook’s new campaign structure will help online marketers scale and better manage their paid social campaigns on the platform. The main change here is the ability to group ads into “ad sets”. This grouping capability is useful for trying different creative approaches and addressing multiple audience segments under one campaign umbrella. Subdividing campaigns in Facebook is useful because of how many different ways there are to create and present ads, as well as increasingly sophisticated capabilities for user targeting. This update is a signal that the volume of campaigns and ads is growing, and that Facebook has become important enough to advertisers who need more powerful campaign management tools.” — Adam Weinroth, CMO, OneSpot.

“We at Bidtellect are throughly excited with Facebook’s launching a new campaign structure.  This new hierarchy closely matches our own internal approach and standards within the overall industry for organizing spend and marketing objectives, lending itself for more seamless optimization and in the end better results for our advertising partners.” — Michael Weaver, Senior Vice President of Product at Bidtellect.

“Facebook’s back end for advertising has always been a bit clunky and challenging to navigate.This new format should help users of Facebook ads to better organize their various campaigns.The key to advertising with Facebook is optimizing content for the target. As long as great content is hitting the correct target, advertisers will continue to see success with promoting their brands on Facebook.” — Alyson Joyce, Social Engagement Manager at Engauge.


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