The 5 Best New Video Ads: COORDOWN, Old Spice, Duracell, adidas, Android Wear


ADOTAS – A future mom’s fears are calmed, Terry Crews gets into a hairy situation, and Duracell makes bus travelers warmer. Yes, it’s another eventful week in AdLand.

Here are the ads have been setting the Internet ablaze this week. Enjoy!

5. COORDOWN, “Dear Future Mom”

Raising awareness for World Down’s Syndrome Day today (March 21st), charity COORDOWN’s “Dear Future Mom” should raise your spirits this afternoon.

While charitable adverts can verge on the condescending, “Dear Future Mom” is a sweetly empowering video about living a full and happy life, whatever the circumstances. Having people with Down’s Syndrome confidently reassuring an expectant mother about their condition nicely inverts the usual ‘Public Service Announcement’ paradigm.

Released with the hashtag #DearFutureMom, this is a spot with an inspiringly simple message. Empathy and support, COORDOWN says, needn’t always be sensationalist; sometimes it’s enough to affirm what we all have in common.

4. Old Spice, “Get Shaved In The Face”

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the bizarre wonder that is Old Spice’s recent advertising history. Can you believe it’s been four years since Isaiah Mustafa first charmed us as the impossibly accomplished Old Spice Guy?

Since then, the venerable deodorant brand have gone through several, quite distinct phases. They hired a wolf as their Chief Director of Marketing. Then they parodied their ’80’s selves. They even wrote a really weird musical.

This time, the absurdly-muscled Terry Crews steps in once again as a high-octane Old Spice Guy replacement. Its latest spot, “Get Shaved In The Face”, is pretty much more of the same. By which I mean, it’s great.

3. Duracell, “Moments Of Warmth”

Who doesn’t love a high-concept stunt while you’re waiting for the bus? Photoshop certainly did and now Duracell Canada are next to form an orderly queue.

Pitting themselves against the bleak Canadian winter, the brand devised an ingenious way to combine community spirit with central heating. That’s right, you guessed it – it’s a battery-shaped bus shelter that only heats up when people hold hands. Obviously!

While we commend Duracell for promoting brotherly love on public transport, I can’t help but think of The Matrix when I see unsuspecting members of the public being turned into batteries by a faceless overseer. I mean seriously, that’s exactly what happened in The Matrix.

2. adidas, “NEObiebermix Teaser”

What’s silent, 10 seconds long and already remarkably popular? That’s right, it’s this slightly strange Justin Bieber teaser ad from adidas!

Well, there’s actually a reasonably nifty idea behind it. adidas, pushing its Bieber-fronted label NEO, has asked fans to remix their video however they like – and King Biebs himself will judge the winner.

Those that are picked by the pop star will not only receive the anonymous envy of adolescents everywhere but a shout out from the man himself. The full ad is now live here.

1. Android Wear, “Information That Moves With You”

Every few weeks or so there’s a new viral mock-up revealing the wonders of the latest wearable tech breakthrough. Touchscreen monocles, gyroscopically-balanced shoes, Bluetooth in your actual teeth – I’ve only made up some of these.

Having said that, this new ‘What If?’ spot from Android Wear actually promises some pretty useful innovations. I know I’m sick of my surfing trips being curtailed by pesky jellyfishes, and apparently that will soon be a thing of the past. Phew.

There’s also a moment when a woman running to catch her flight is informed that she’s burnt 53 calories in the process. I can certainly envision a passive-aggressive robot uprising where your iPhone snarkily tells you how many calories you’ve gained after eating a cupcake. Oh, the humanity.

– Jamie Fraser


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