Study: Facebook, Google Drive 105% Spike in Mobile Ad Market


ADOTAS — eMarketer released a study today indicating that the mobile ad market increased by 105 percent in 2013, largely driven by Facebook and Google. eMarketer estimates that mobile ads will increase by another 75.1 percent to $31.45 billion in 2014, accounting for nearly one-quarter of total digital ad spending worldwide.

A separate study by Marin Software reveals that mobile devices will account for 50 percent of paid search clicks by December 2015, confirming that consumers are increasingly turning to mobile devices as their primary channel for connecting to the web.

“The mobile ad and paid search markets have seen a lot of love in the past couple of months,” said Eric Holmen, CMO of Invoca. “More and more consumers are browsing on the go and marketers are looking to make the most of mobile search trends. In order to bring high-intent customers to their brand, marketers need to integrate mobile strategies like click-to-call, which make it easy for consumers to get faster answers to their questions and lead to higher conversion rates for marketers.”



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