Study: Consumers Want a More Personalized Mobile Home Screen


ADOTAS — New research from mobile analytics company Flurry shows noteworthy growth in the use of home screen personalization apps on Android devices (Flurry Analytics tracks 4,500 such apps). In fact, usage of these apps in Q1 2014 will surpass the entirety of their use in 2013.

“Consumer behavior on mobile is very different than the desktop web,” said Flurry President and CEO Simon Khalaf (pictured) in a blog post today. “The de-facto behavior on the web is to launch the browser to, type a sentence and be re-directed to content. The de-facto behavior in mobile is to launch an app (previously installed on the device) and enjoy the comprehensive experience offered within it. You are rarely, if ever, linked out to a mobile webpage from an app or sent to another app. Each experience is essentially an island unto itself, completely reliant on the consumer to come ashore.”

Khalaf notes that while Facebook (Home), Google (Now), Yahoo (Aviate) have made early moves, “the industry and some major mobile players are looking to solve this problem and the battle is raging for the ‘gateway’ for mobile apps, content and services. In short, the Google position for mobile is up for grabs and billions of dollars are at stake.”



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