Spredfast Launches Partner Program to Deliver Industry’s Most Robust and Integrated Social Platform


AUSTIN, TX – March 25, 2014 (ADOTAS) – Spredfast, the leading independent social relationship platform, today announced the launch of the Spredfast Partner Program, which is designed to give enterprise brands unfettered access to the industry’s best-of-breed tools and technologies. Spredfast already partners with many of the industry’s leading social technologies such as Kenshoo, Brandwatch, and Bazaarvoice, and today is announcing new partnerships with social business governance company Actiance, and content planning and management company Opal Labs, among others. With the Spredfast Partner Program, social marketers can now access the tools they value to tell a complete social story and build meaningful relationships from one platform.

“Companies in the social media landscape are constantly evolving and introducing new tools and technologies to meet the ever-changing needs and behaviors of consumers,” said Rod Favaron, CEO of Spredfast. “In order for brands to stay on the cutting edge of social marketing and create powerful campaigns, they need an open technology partner dedicated to integrating with the right, best-in-class solutions.”

Through Spredfast’s Partner Program, social marketers are able to connect and optimize their social efforts through:

  • Strategic listening and content sharing
    • Bazaarvoice: Identify and amplify consumer ratings and reviews on social networks.
    • Brandwatch: Leverage insights from across the extended web to understand, analyze, and act on more relevant conversations.
    • Crimson Hexagon: Gain deeper insights and context around social conversations.
    • Klout: Measure the online social influence of community members.
    • Opal: Simplify the planning of brand content across channels, increasing efficiency and producing better results.
  • Enhanced analytics and data management
    • Actiance: Control, secure, and archive content on social networks to drive adoption while ensuring corporate, legal, and regulatory compliance.
    • Adobe Omniture: Utilize extensive web analytics from clicks to visitor profiles and purchasing metrics in order to connect social activity to key performance indicators.
    • Bit.ly: Easily share content across social channels and measure click engagement.
    • Google Analytics: Leverage extensive web analytics from clicks to registrations and transactions to connect social activity to goal conversions.
    • Kenshoo Social: Prove social attribution and use insights from owned social programs to improve performance of paid social promotions.
    • Symantec Enterprise Vault: Archive and review social records through integrated and secure processes.

“Our responsibility to our customers is to leverage all the mission critical applications in their marketing stack to build an integrated ecosystem that can bring real value to their users,” added Favaron.

“No one company can provide the functional depth needed to equip today’s social marketers with all the tools they need to be successful,” said Giles Palmer, CEO and founder of Brandwatch. “Brands are facing an urgent challenge: engage with customers across multiple online channels and then piece together a huge amount of data from these different sources. That’s why we partner with companies like Spredfast. Together, our products work seamlessly to enable marketers to maximize impact.”

“Content is the new conversation currency and our teams are constantly creating new content across brands to stay relevant and better meet the needs of our customers,” said Meghaan Blauvelt, interactive strategy manager, Nestlé USA.  “Having multiple, integrated platforms, like Opal and Spredfast, give us access to deeper analytics and better reporting, as well as built-in collaboration workflows that allow us to optimize our social engagement and content strategies.”

Spredfast is also a preferred partner of leading social networks Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. By working directly with these networks to innovate and solve business needs, Spredfast customers are the first to benefit from the newest social network capabilities and features.


To learn more about the Spredfast Partner Program, contact Spredfast at info@spredfast.com or visit http://www.spredfast.com/who-we-work-with/partner-program.

About Spredfast

Based in Austin, Texas, Spredfast provides a social relationship platform that empowers enterprise brands to build lasting relationships by creating great social experiences.  Spredfast enables more people, in more places, to engage in more conversations from a single software platform on supported social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Foursquare, and popular blogging platforms. Some of the enterprise and agency adopters on board with Spredfast include AT&T, Warner Brothers, Whole Foods Market, AARP, AGAIN Interactive, HomeAway, and Ogilvy. For more information, visit www.spredfast.com.


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