Sonobi to Sponsor Premium Programmatic Event in NYC Next Week


NEW YORK, March 5, 2014 (ADOTAS) – On Wednesday, March 12, industry leaders including publishers, agencies, trading desks, and advertisers will with come together for Premium Programmatic 360 (PP360NYC), the first summit dedicated to accelerating the premium programmatic marketplace. A half-day event, PP360NYC will take place at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York City.

To learn more and register for the event, visit:

The event, which is sponsored by Sonobi, is designed to bring all the constituents to the table to discuss the challenges and opportunities surrounding premium programmatic.  Through keynotes and a roundtable discussion, it aims to spur the expansion of programmatic access to premium supply, help drive more premium brand spend and scale existing performance campaigns.

Terry Kawaja (pictured), CEO of Luma Partners, will present a keynote at PP360NYC.  “Programmatic is the hottest trend in digital advertising today though its impact has largely been felt in the remnant inventory category. The exciting aspect of this trend is where software automation meets the premium segment,” says Kawaja. “This undoubtedly will have a major impact on brand advertising in digital and, in fact, all addressable channels.”

Following his presentation, there will be a presentation from the IAB and an interactive roundtable discussion which will include publishers such as Gannett and Meredith, agencies and trading desks including Ogilvy, Xaxis, and Kepler Group.

“The ability to access premium inventory from hundreds of top pubs has fundamentally changed how we run campaigns and how our clients’ strike the right branded dialogue with consumers,” says Rick Greenberg, CEO of Kepler Group. “Premium Programmatic is a key component of true dialogue marketing and we aggressively adopt every tool that accelerates our ability to secure 100% of media – from standard IAB units to expandables and page takeovers – on a truly programmatic basis. The day is fast approaching where every impression will be bought this way.”

“Programmatic buying represents a seismic upheaval of the digital buying process for which the implications for agencies, publishers, and brands is only beginning to be understood,” says Raymond Reid, Managing Director, Neo@Ogilvy. “As all media increasingly becomes digital, the influence of programmatic buying will extend beyond digital to all media platforms which will challenge existing models as well as create new opportunities to reach and engage consumers.”

“It is going to take all components of the industry to get behind this movement towards premium programmatic,” said Michael Connolly (pictured), CEO and Founder, Sonobi. “We have to change the “race to the bottom” mindset that currently describes the current RTB marketplace. This conference is the first real effort on both the supply and demand side to move this market forward.”

About Sonobi

Sonobi is an ad technology company that provides online publishers and media companies with technology that optimizes revenue yield across the Programmatic and Direct revenue channels. The company’s suite of products represent the advertising technology industry’s leading Publisher Operating System. Sonobi serves over 500 publishers across the United States, Canada, and Latin America. From our client facing user interface to our optimization algorithms, our in-house engineering team produces all of our proprietary technology.



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