Aarki Studio Launches at ad:tech SF; First Multiscreen Creative Ad Platform Designed for Ease of Use

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Mar 27, 2014 
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SAN FRANCISCO,  March 26, 2014 (ADOTAS) – Aarki, a leader in interactive and creative advertising, today announces the launch of Aarki Studio, the first multiscreen, cloud-based, creative ad platform built for ease of use. The announcement was made at ad:tech San Francisco, where Aarki is showcasing the new platform.

Aarki Studio allows advertisers to create multi-platform ads with ease, measure engagement and understand return on investment (ROI) across web, digital and mobile platforms. With drag-and-drop functionality, metrics that capture any interaction, creative templates and customizable trackable events, Aarki Studio makes creative ad campaigns easier than ever before.

Aarki Studio enables advertisers to simplify the creative process when producing ads for multiple platforms, with scalable multiscreen ad creation and its universal ad tag solution, designed with ease of use in mind. Built-in features such as, “drag and drop” allows designers to build ads on the platform in minutes. Revisions can be made quickly and in real-time, even after an ad has launched changes are reflected instantaneously. Aarki Studio allows advertisers to measure user engagement variables such as: impressions, interactions and the time spent on ads as they happen. Aarki Studio Analytics also shows where an ad was viewed whether by desktop, mobile or tablet.

Unique Aarki Studio features include:

  • Multiscreen HTML5 Functionality: Advertisers need to cater to the demand of users accessing content across multiple devices while maintaining consistency. Aarki Studio allows advertisers to create an ad for all screens in one place, make live edits to their creative and run multiple tests across devices. Aarki Studio uses universal ad tags, meaning one tag for all devices, enhancing the ease of use for multiscreen ad implementation.
  • Easy Ad Creation: Marketers have various engaging features to choose from, including mini games, interactive video, actions, share functions, native ads, social and local integration as well as coupons – catering to the most active audience.  To top it off, Aarki Studio significantly reduces ad creation time with pre-existing templates, including IAB Rising Star ad units, and gives advertisers the ability to create their own templates that makes future ad creation a two-click process.
  • Deep Analytics: Each campaign is unique and so are the metrics. Aarki Studio allows advertisers to view metrics and analytics that go beyond impressions, CTR and CR. Advertisers can define their own custom success metrics, or view 100’s of events captured, from taps, swipes, clicks, mouse-overs. Advertisers are also able to look at specific ad component metrics, from game scores, and registrations, to video metrics that show starts, stops and completed views and measures them in real-time.

Sid Bhatt (pictured), CEO and Co-Founder of Aarki, comments: “Consumers today view content across multiple devices throughout their day. Advertisers and marketers need to be able to follow this viewing cycle and make ads as engaging as possible to increase interactions.  With Aarki Studio, for the first time, advertisers will be able to create an ad once, run it on all platforms and measure engagement, clicks and conversions all in one place.”

About Aarki

Aarki is a leader in interactive and creative advertising technology for brands, agencies, ad networks and premium publishers. Aarki’s technology platform allows users to create multi-platform ads with ease, measure engagement and understand return on investment (ROI) across web, digital and mobile. Aarki is based in Mountain View, with offices in New York City, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Beijing and Manila. For more information, visit

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