Valentine Browsing Behaviors: Big Data for the Big Day


ADOTAS — eXelate has created this infographic that examines the identity of the Valentine’s Day shopper (e.g. 80% more likely to be married than the average shopper) and his/her browsing/purchasing behavior as leading up to today.

“From one month to two days before V-Day, the number of users browsing on dating sites, shopping for wedding or engagement rings, and shopping for lingerie increased,” reads a post on the company’s blog. “Of the activities we followed, dating site engagement had the most consistent upward trend. With dozens of sites and apps attracting 38% of available American adults, online dating is a popular and convenient affair, making finding a date possible up to the very last minute! The peaks in both shopping behaviors came more than a week ago. Shipping and post-purchase deliberation time considered, purchasing lingerie and rings are less impulsive activities than messaging an attractive profile.

To discover which part of the population is driving these sorts of trends, we examined users in our “Valentine’s Day Shopper” segments. V-day Shoppers were 80% more likely than the average user to be married. Not surprising, as married people have an obligatory valentine! With regard to gender, this group of users was largely balanced. The reciprocal act of gift-giving requires both males and females to participate. For married users of child rearing age, V-day Shoppers and other users were equally likely to have children at home. Though children may distract from their parents’ romance, they actually add reason to participate in the holiday. Many need cards and candy for school celebrations!”


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