Marketing & Sales: Irreconcilable Differences?


ADOTAS — You can ask almost anyone what the key is to a strong relationship, and they’ll likely tell you it’s a combination of communication, compromise and a bit of work. However, recent findings from a SAVO/BrightTALK poll suggest the relationship between marketing, sales and the buyer’s journey may have hit a rough patch.

Notable findings include:

  • 49% of executives say they aren’t very well aligned to the buyer’s journey. They have the right tools, but hardly anyone uses them.
  • While compromise is key, 64% of organizations admit to not adapting very well to changes within the sales cycle.
  • 37% of organizations fail at the beginning of the selling cycle, due to nurtured leads being poorly handed off from marketing to sales.

So what can be done to overcome these issues? Leave your comment below.


  1. If you add the mediocre response of 34% “well enough” to the 49% who are not aligned – you get a stunning 83% of sellers who really aren’t aligned with the buying cycle.
    Nothing new here – this problem dates back to the reason for the creation of Solution Selling in the early 90’s – the objective of which was to put sales in alignment with the buyer’s journey.
    We have been using that methodology for many years to reverse-engineer the buying cycle, then align it with the selling cycle and also perform sales and marketing alignment and create effective marketing tools.
    This survey simply points out what a lot of marketers have begun to realize – that all the digital tools (social media et al) are creating buyer confusion if they are not properly integrated through an over-all sales strategy – in other words, buying cycle alignment.


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