Study: 48 Percent of Consumers Considered ‘Always On’


NEW YORK, February  13, 2014 (ADOTAS) — “The “Always-On Consumer 2014” Report has been released by Vivaldi Partners Group, a growth strategy consulting firm that includes a digital and technology agency known as Fifth Season. In the report, Vivaldi Partners Group studies the “Always On” consumer and explores the implication of the emergence of this type of consumers on building strong brands and businesses.

The study defines an “Always On” consumer as someone who owns and personally uses at least three connected devices, goes online from a minimum of three different physical locations and goes online multiple times a day. The study queried 574 such US consumers over the course of a week to discover some surprising findings.

The study found nearly half (48%) of the US adult population can be considered as “Always On.”

Also, the report found:

  • “Always On” consumers are well educated with 51% having a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to only 36% of US general population.
  • “Always On” consumers have an above average income with 80% making more than $40,000.
  • Unsurprisingly, nearly all of them own a smartphone (92%) whereas only 66% of the general adult population own one.

What are the most popular items “Always On” consumers buy? Clothing (55%) with books (47%), electronics (43%), and music (42%) not far behind. What is the reason “Always On” consumers shop online? Because they value having a large selection (79%).

From this data, Vivaldi Partners Group was able to come up with five distinct segments of the “Always On” Consumer:

  • Social Butterflies, which make up 23% of the “Always On” consumer group.
  • Mindful Explorers at 27%.
  • Deal Hunters at 13%.
  • Focused Problem Solvers at 18%.
  • Ad Blockers at 20%.

The report then dives deep into how to understand the different segments of the “Always On” Consumer, how to define a brand strategy, and, finally, how to connect with the “Always On” consumer.

“I am pleased to present the “Always-On Consumer report. There is no doubt that the ‘Always On’ Consumer is a powerful and influential segment that will only continue to grow,” said Erich Joachimsthaler, CEO and Founder of Vivaldi Partners Group. “Our research shows the need for marketers to come up with new ways, methods and approaches to understand consumers, what matters to them, and how they view brands through the new technologies that are available to consumers and to brands.”

A full download of the “Always-On Consumer 2014” report can be found here.

About Vivaldi Partners Group

Vivaldi Partners Group ( is a global firm that unlocks innovation and growth opportunities for brands and businesses in a digitally connected world. Vivaldi Partners Group uses its expertise in strategy, innovation, marketing, and organization to identify new demand-based opportunities, build strong brands, create and realize engaging experiences, and lead change through the development of people. Vivaldi Partners Group comprises of Vivaldi Partners, Fifth Season, a digital, design and technology agency, and E-Edge.


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