Spoiler Alert: Gold Medal Olympic Sponsors on Social


ADOTAS — We’re midway through the 2014 Olympic games and with Sochi being several hours ahead of the U.S., the social media community is buzzing 24/7. Engagor, the platform for real-time customer engagement, social media monitoring and analytics, took a look at the official Olympic sponsors to gauge the success of their social campaigns and how well they are engaging with their fans.

Here’s what Engagor found:

  • Visa leads with the volume of brand mentions (29,633) related to the Olympics. McDonald’s in second with 14,376 mentions.
  • P&G has the highest volume of positive sentiment (24% of mentions). McDonald’s has the highest volume of negative sentiment (27% of mentions).
  • Top hashtags related to sponsors: #everywhere (Visa; 7,825 mentions), #teamvisa (6,805 mentions), #celebratewithabite (McDonald’s; 3,746 mentions), #cheerstosochi (McDonald’s; 1,787 mentions).
  • Coca-Cola engages the most with its fan, responding 391 times to posts.
  • Visa had the Top 2 posts with the highest engagement on Twitter, while Omega watches had the two most engaging posts on Facebook.
  • 77% of mentions are from mobile devices.


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