Industry Reacts to the Latest Big Acquisition News


ADOTAS — Oracle announced yesterday that it has signed an agreement to acquire Big Data platform BlueKai. Terms were not officially announced, but media speculation puts the price tag in the range of $400 million.

“Modern marketers require new ways of acquiring, centralizing, interpreting, and activating customer data across marketing channels so that they can enhance the customer experience and maximize the return on their marketing spend,” said Steve Miranda (pictured), Executive Vice President, Applications Development, Oracle. “The addition of BlueKai to the Oracle Marketing Cloud enables marketers to act on data across both known customers and new audiences and precisely target customers with a personalized message across all channels.”

“As a leader in marketing data management, BlueKai’s innovative products convert fragmented and disparate marketing data into high-performance results for companies,” added Omar Tawakol (pictured), CEO, BlueKai. “We are thrilled to join Oracle and extend Oracle’s Customer Experience portfolio to include the industry’s most effective big data cloud platform for marketers.”

Here’s how some of the industry’s leading voices reacted to the news:

“Oracle is competing with companies like IBM and;  all are trying to build what Forrester Research referred to as the Online Marketing Suite,” said Marc Poirier, Co-Founder & EVP, Business Development, Acquisio. “Understanding customer data and how it fits in the marketing ecosystem is one of the main challenges marketers are facing, and data management platforms such as BlueKai are one of the keys to solving this puzzle. BlueKai is perceived as the leader in the category, but there are many more players emerging with great technology, this is most likely the first of many acquisitions in the DMP space.”

“To make this become reality marketers need to be able to collect, manage and activate real information at user level in real time,” said Jon Baron, CEO of TagMan. “Marketers are looking for vendors who can be trusted with first-party information and activate through real-time digital marketing whether that is an email offer, finding people who look like loyal customers or retargeting a customer who showed desire but not action to buy. This is hard work! Oracle’s acquisition of BlueKai show’s they understand this is important for marketers. Data is ubiquitous; actionable information that drives revenue is what clients are hungry for.”

“As a strong competitor and longtime partner, we congratulate Bluekai,” said Andy Monfried, Founder and CEO of Lotame. “Oracle’s actions speak volumes about the value a DMP can create for the Enterprise. This is recognition that DMP is much broader than just ad-tech and can drive value way beyond digital advertising. We have believed for a long time that DMP is much broader than ad-tech and this acquisition validates that premise. A data management platform is a key ingredient to anyone looking to maximize audience impact. Looking forward, the platforms that succeed will be those that will be able to support a broader set of data requirements including mobile, social, and even mainstream applications such as email, ecommerce, and CRM. DMPs support data driven consumer engagement and this spotlight will help further conversations around how data allows you to group audiences to execute marketing strategies and build profitable businesses.”

“The broad attention and interest in Neustar’s acquisition of Aggregate Knowledge last fall and now today’s announcement of Oracle’s acquisition of BlueKai signal a significant shift in the data management platform market,” said Dave Jakubowski, VP of Marketing Services, Neustar. “Data neutrality is a must in this category and only companies with significant resources will be successful in delivering the spectrum of DMP services required to execute what marketers want. There are five core elements that are key to anyone in this space: data normalization, data neutrality, consumer privacy, ability to tie together offline and online users for a complete view of customers in a single console, and finally offering a centralized marketing solution.”



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