Opera Mediaworks Launches Mobile Ad Serving Platform, Expands Programmatic Capabilities


SAN MATEO, Calif. and BARCELONA, February 24, 2014 (ADOTAS) — Opera Mediaworks, the world’s largest mobile advertising platform, today launched AdMarvel for Ad Networks, its latest mobile ad-serving and monetization product, and OMAX (Opera Mediaworks Ad Exchange) 2.0, a real-time marketplace for efficient, automated buying and selling of mobile media.

AdMarvel for Ad Networks

Built exclusively for mobile phone, tablet and connected TV, AdMarvel for Ad Networks provides the sales, technology and back-office services necessary for online and mobile advertising companies to build and scale their own ad networks.

The driving force behind AdMarvel for Ad Networks is that major media companies and publisher groups around the world have large ad sales teams, limited mobile-optimized ad inventory and strong advertiser relationships — all of which could be much better managed and monetized. By aligning sales forces with advertiser and publisher relationships, Opera Mediaworks has already created much value for all parties in the ecosystem.

The Opera Mediaworks’ mobile ad platform directly manages 65 billion ad impressions a month among 14,000 apps and sites, and it reaches 500 million consumers monthly.

“There’s been a significant uptick in media companies and networks, both online and mobile, looking for a proven scalable technology platform. They need to effectively monetize and support direct sales efforts not only across their owned and operated inventory, but also through our network of 14,000 publishers and supply-side aggregators,” says Mark Fruehan (pictured), President, Publisher Services, Opera Mediaworks.

Among the specific benefits for publishers:

  • The console enables networks to book and deliver directly-sourced campaigns effectively across its owned and operated properties and also extend its reach onto Opera Mediaworks’ premium mobile network.
  • Provides backfill ad inventory from multiple demand sources from premium mobile ad networks and demand-side platforms (DSPs) via the Opera Mediaworks’ Mobile Ad Exchange (OMAX) to assist in inventory monetization.
  • Rich media (display, video and audio) ad units allow online ad businesses to scale mobile audiences faster and more easily in non mobile-optimized environments.
  • Certified access to rich media, video and audio-enabled creative ad units, with the ability to build such units within its creative platform, Studio.
  • Permission-based access, letting ad networks give advertisers and publishers access to individually customized, real-time reporting interfaces.

Advertisers also benefit from the extended reach offered by AdMarvel for Ad Networks. When demand-side platforms (DSPs) with no owned and operated properties use the platform, they are tapping into a massive trove of publishing inventory and can more effectively find their audience.

“Opera Mediaworks has been investing heavily over the past year in fine-tuning its network product offering by allowing sales houses from all over the world to buy access to premium mobile audiences in over 24 different content verticals, while also providing an inventory monetization platform to help networks make the most out of their unsold mobile, tablet and connected TV inventory,” notes Fruehan.

To learn more about AdMarvel for Ad Networks or to set up a meeting at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, contact bd@admarvel.com.

OMAX 2.0

The only comprehensive platform to serve both advertisers and publishers, Opera Mediaworks adds innovative new features, delivering additional value to the supply and demand sides of mobile advertising.

Mobile publishers using the AdMarvel ad serving and mediation platform, along with publisher relationships from other Opera Mediaworks companies, can open up their inventory to real-time bidding (RTB), creating not just scale but also a competitive environment to drive better monetization.

Through OMAX 2.0, publishers now have access to several new demand-side platforms (DSPs), facilitated by new audience segmentation and expanded targeting capabilities, designed to improve monetization of publisher properties.

This kind of increased access and operational efficiencies in media transactions are the primary reason publishers and advertisers are turning to programmatic buying, according to a November IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) survey of 250 digital media executives. Some 72% of publishers said they use programmatic buying technologies now, and 83% said they intend to leverage it over the course of the next two years.

Publishers of mobile applications have encountered many obstacles in transitioning to RTB. OMAX 2.0 helps bridge many of the gaps that are unique to smartphones and tablets in order to provide better controls in leveraging RTB to drive new monetization opportunities.

A leading concern for publishers, and cited as the no.1 concern of the group above, is brand safety — which is why the majority of Opera Mediaworks customers can choose the option to set up private marketplaces for their inventory with “programmatic direct” on OMAX. This brings in diverse demand sources while still maintaining publisher control. Opera Mediaworks customers using the AdMarvel tech stack are premium properties and drive a considerable amount of brand equity through their content. OMAX follows the same brand safety measures these publishers have been accustomed to getting via their ad serving solutions.

With “programmatic direct” on OMAX, mobile publishers can:

  • Control which parties can bid on their inventory. Within the broadcaster, publishers can choose to display the auction to a single party or set of parties. They can also filter out particular demand sources, such as competitors (e.g., one gaming publisher blocking ads from another) or brand advertisers with whom they already have a direct relationship.
  • View creative before it appears on their properties. Within the RTB 2.1 specification, each bidder participating in the OMAX 2.0 platform must submit a creative ID with each auction. Publishers can then view the creative and choose to approve or block it.
  • Still enjoy the speed and efficiency of a traditional RTB open auction. Setup and use is in a matter of minutes, not days, and ad traffic can start flowing immediately.

“OMAX truly gives our publishers an advantage over their competitors when it comes to monetization of inventory,” says Mahi de Silva, CEO, Opera Mediaworks. “It is an equally big step for our demand-side partners. Connecting their trading desks to OMAX will give them direct access to inventory from Opera’s network of premium publishers, and allow them to select segments of the audience, now over half a billion strong — so they are paying only for consumers that they intend to reach.”

Opera Mediaworks has lined up over 20 select partners for the launch of OMAX 2.0, including Turn Inc., Airpush, Amazon and Drawbridge.

To know more about OMAX 2.0 from Opera Mediaworks representatives at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 24 to 27, please contact falgunib@opera.com.

About Opera Mediaworks

Opera Mediaworks powers the mobile ad economy. Technology and service innovation has helped us become the world’s biggest brand-focused mobile ad network, and the world’s leading ad tech platform, delivering monetization tools to the biggest and best publishers around the globe.  This comprehensive end-to-end platform offers solutions for brands, agencies, publishers and application developers. Our mission is to deliver relevance in the medium where relevance matters most – on mobile devices.  We improve efficiency through technology, innovation, transparency and trust, to create an open and vibrant marketplace for publishers and advertisers across the globe.

Opera Mediaworks includes AdMarvel, a mobile ad server and mediation platform; OMAX a mobile ad exchange, Mobile Theory, a premium mobile ad network in the United States; 4th Screen Advertising Ltd., a premium ad network in the United Kingdom; and Mediaworks Performance, a results-driven, mobile ad network. Also included are impressions served within Opera mobile properties, including the Opera Mini Smart Page and the Opera Mobile Store. Opera Mediaworks is part of the Opera Group.


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