Kochava Unveils Next Gen Mobile App Attribution Platform


SANDPOINT, Idaho, February 18, 2014 (ADOTAS) – Kochava (www.kochava.com), the mobile attribution analytics and optimization company, today announced the immediate availability of the 2.0 version of its platform for attribution analytics. The Kochava platform is a singular, holistic tool that requires minimal integration yet offers maximum real-time reconciliation of clicks, installs and post-install events providing mobile advertisers all the necessary data to optimize campaigns and understand the lifetime value (LTV) of each end user.

One Platform to Rule Them All

The Kochava platform integrates with over 300 mobile ad networks, publishers and exchanges – including major publishers Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo! and Pandora. Kochava provides advertisers a single view into the performance metrics of all their media buys, and removes the integration challenges through the single, universal Kochava buy-side SDK.  It’s quick to get started with the Kochava platform and advertisers can be up and running with Kochava in less than one day. New publishers are added daily to the cloud-based platform, making them instantly available to all Kochava customers, tremendously streamlining the process of adding new sources for mobile media buys and resulting analytics.  Kochava uniquely provides both an SDK and an SDK-less solution through an optional server-to-server integration.

It’s All In The Details

The Kochava platform not only tracks attributions, it also tracks the lifetime value of the end user.

Analytics can drill down into campaigns and provide insight and visualization into users, sessions, countries, device versions, platform versions, app versions and other important metrics. In cases where no device identifiers are provided by a publisher or network, the Kochava platform automatically engages its fingerprinting algorithms to accurately attribute those end users without the device ID. With clear and easy to visualize attribution data from Kochava, double billing is eliminated, no-hassle integration is made possible across every media partner an advertiser choses to work with, and advertisers can easily determine the real value of end users and where they are coming from.

You Are Not Alone

Kochava provides high-touch, personalized customer service to each of its customers and is trusted by hundreds of brands for their mobile attribution needs. With dedicated account managers who are always available and understand the context of customer requests, Kochava has become known in the industry for its white glove approach to meetings customer needs.

The Best-Kept Secrets

The data that runs through the Kochava platform belongs to customers, and only to customers. Kochava customers can be confident that the platform and their data are secure and free from the concern that the data could be used for re-targeting or other aggregated purposes.

“Kochava is a steward of our customers’ data,” says Charles Manning, Kochava CEO. “We allow the customer to turn data into actionable information, but in the end it’s their data. Kochava also treats privacy with the utmost care, strictly adhering to the terms of service and privacy policies of publishers.”

Seeing Is Believing

The Kochava 2.0 platform was demonstrated to customers at the recent Kochava Mobile Summit, held February 5-7th in Sandpoint, Idaho. Kochava will be demonstrating this updated platform at Mobile World Congress, February 24-27th in Barcelona, Spain in App Planet Hall 8.1G51.

About Kochava

Kochava offers a unique, holistic approach to mobile attribution analytics and optimization. Via its platform, Kochava gives advertisers the ability to understand their user acquisition activities in context through real-time visualization of campaign data with precise analytics that span from initial launch, through conversion, optimization and lifetime value (LTV) reporting.  Kochava is integrated with more than 300 publishers and is trusted by hundreds of brands including the biggest names in mobile gaming, news and information, and consumer goods.  For more information visit www.kochava.com.


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