HasOffers CEO Responds to Company’s Removal from Facebook MMP


ADOTAS — In a letter to its clients which was also posted on his company’s blog, HasOffers CEO Peter Hamilton said Facebook’s removal of his company and Kontagent from the Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) program earlier this week was “completely unexpected.”

“I want to be clear that we did not violate any privacy regulations, and there was no data leakage or inappropriate data provided to advertisers,” wrote Hamilton (pictured). “This has been confirmed by Facebook. We first disclosed all of our data storage and deletion processes with Facebook during an audit in September. We sought clarification on certain issues and offered solutions to allow our products to work within Facebook’s terms. We believed we were working collaboratively with Facebook to comply with their requests. Regardless of their recent and sudden decision, we remain hopeful and open to working with Facebook in the future.

“We understand that an enormous amount of work and investment has gone into developing your Facebook campaigns. Our number one priority is ensuring that those efforts are not lost.”

Hamilton thanked his clients for “your outpouring of support, praise, feedback, and ideas” in the wake of Facebook’s decision.”

“Our team was fortunate to be a part of the creation, launch, and success of Facebook Mobile App Install Ads,” he added, “and I am very proud of that.”

Facebook and Kontagent also issued prepared statements on the matter.


  1. Glad Peter responded and is being proactive. The question is, will HasOffers be back online with Facebook? Response does not address this, nor the efforts for re-inclusion. Would be good to know.


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