Five Tips for Empowering Brand Advocates to Create Effective Content


ADOTAS — These days, consumers are increasingly tuning out traditional marketing, which is why savvy marketers are turning to original content to increase brand awareness and drive sales. It’s a move that resonates with potential customers: 78% of consumers believe that brands that provide original content are interested in building positive relationships.

The key to building and capitalizing on consumer relationships is to provide quality content. But that’s no easy task – good content that effectively fuels social media channels and engages users can be expensive and difficult to produce.

That’s where brand advocates come into the picture. Brand advocates – people who love the brand and are willing to create content or are already doing so – are a valuable and often overlooked resource. Here some tips to help you put brand advocates to work for your company:

1. Help brand advocates get started: It’s a good idea to kick off a brand advocate campaign or brainstorming session with a prompt. Select a fun theme or topic to create parameters around brand advocate activities, with an eye toward generating content that makes your brand more relatable and personable. Suggesting an activity is a terrific way to get rolling – for example, a suggestion to post fun photos of a shopping experience.

2. Let their originality shine through: One thing that makes brand advocacy so effective is the authenticity of the content. To maximize that asset, don’t be too prescriptive when launching a new campaign. You don’t want to see 20 too-similar posts: It’s better to get a variety of original takes on your theme. Sometimes advocates’ content will surprise you with its originality – and effectiveness.

3. Keep it fresh: When you’re managing a brand advocate campaign, it’s a good idea to frequently supply new prompts and information. Giving brand advocates new information keeps them inspired and ensures that they have more opportunities to contribute. Make sure you let them know when new content is available from you.

4. Include brand advocates as partners at events: When your company participates in tradeshows or high-profile industry events, it’s an excellent idea to give brand advocates an opportunity to provide behind-the-scenes reports from the event. Their personal photos and accounts can help bring the brand and exhibit to life.

5. Give brand advocates first access to products and content: It’s no secret that people like being “in the know” and the first to receive new information. If you provide brand advocates with a first look at new products and significant new information, it will make them feel more a part of your brand and inspire them to produce compelling content.

Content created by brand advocates is incredibly persuasive: Research shows that user-generated content inspires 10 times more engagement than paid content and seven times more engagement than content posted to brand-owned channels.

If you’re ready to put the awesome power of brand advocacy to work for your company, these tips can help you cultivate brand advocate relationships and channel their energy in a positive direction. If handled effectively, brand advocates can be a powerful new weapon in your brand building and product awareness arsenal.


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