Five New Video Ads You Should Watch Now: Samsung, Schwarzkopf, Kraft, Cadbury, Coca-Cola


ADOTAS — Vanilla Ice raps about fun-shaped pasta, Coca-Cola turns social media addicts into tick-infested dogs, while Cadbury turns London into the set of “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.” Yes, it’s just another week in AdLand.

But which ads are attracting the most attention online. Here are our five picks:

5. Samsung, “Winter Games”

Technology giant Samsung looks to catch a little of the Sochi spirit in this latest spot, showcasing the passion of the everyday fan. And by passion, I of course mean potential grievous injury. Because The Winter Olympics isn’t just about passive television consumption – apparently, you’re meant to have a go yourself.

As such, we see a variety of ‘Casualty’ episodes-in-the-making: a boy ready to ski jump down stairs, kids playing hockey on a very slippy driveway and three rascals re-enacting “Cool Runnings” in a bath tub. Actually, the last one isn’t very dangerous, I just hope they’re not wearing shoes in the bath.

While Samsung won’t necessarily get any points for health and safety, their new ad really strives for a spirit of community. Because, really, what says family more than your dad recklessly snowboarding off his own roof?

4. Schwarzkopf, “A Declaration of Love”

Hair product brand Schwarzkopf snipped, colored and permed their way to sharing success this week with schmaltzy spot, “A Declaration of Love”.

Narrated by a loving boyfriend, the ad begins with montage of relationship highlights and lowlights (unsurprisingly, quite a few of these involve hair). If, like me, you watch too many films like ‘Blue Valentine’ or ‘Her’, you’re just waiting for this domestic bliss to go horribly wrong. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t.

No, proving romantic optimists everywhere right, all’s well that ends well. Even though Schwarzkopf’s closing tag pitches it as a kind of “anti-Valentine” ad, it’s a pretty thin pose. This is an ad that has love-hearts doodled all over its journal.

3. Kraft, “Go, Ninja, Go!”

Rapper and 1980s curio Vanilla Ice is not the obvious choice for an ad about fun-shaped pasta. Firstly, he hasn’t been widely famous since about 1993. Secondly, his most recent commercial endeavor was a home improvement show.

But Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is not the kind of brand to let that stand in the way of a kitsch marvel. You see, Vanilla (or Mr. Ice) performed the song “Go, Ninja, Go!” in the mostly-forgotten 1990 film version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

So what better way to revive a comic-branded pasta than by having Ice himself belt out his old classic in a supermarket aisle? What indeed. If you’re a big fan, then you’ve probably been anticipating this spot with bated breath. For everyone else in the world, can we please just start working on making more food in humanoid-turtle shape?

2. Cadbury, “Ultimate Lip-Sync with James Corden”

Cadbury rightly has a reputation for pushing the boat out with weird and wonderful adverts. While actor and panel-show stalwart James Corden lip-syncing around London isn’t exactly groundbreaking, it’s certainly pretty bubbly (wait no, that’s Aero). Timed to coincide with Corden’s final year hosting the Brit Music Awards, he acquits himself surprisingly well while mouthing along to Estelle’s ‘Free’.

Director Ben Winston has also sneakily littered Cadbury’s signature purple colour scheme throughout the spot, lending an unsettling Willy Wonka-esque character to otherwise normal London streets. And that’s not even mentioning Corden’s velvet blazer. While ‘Ultimate Lip-Sync’ will probably not make quite the splash Cadbury’s legendary “Gorilla” ad did, the new spot does make a good argument for spontaneous public singing.

1. Coca-Cola, “Social Media Guard”

Coca-Cola tries to save us from ourselves in their new spot with an world-changing invention. That’s right, you guessed it – it’s a red plastic cone. Well, that’s what it looks like at least, but the humanists at Coke have loftier ambitions. Despite looking suspiciously close to the contraptions used to stop your dog from scratching stitches, this new spot reliably informs us the cone is actually a “Social Media Guard.”

What’s a “Social Media Guard,” you ask? Well it’s a handy device to stop your screen-frazzled, attention-deficit mind from casually checking Twitter during quality time with your friends and family. I’m not convinced the idea will catch on, but thankfully the cone could double-up as a hands-free Coca-Cola funnel. Coincidence? I think not.

— Jamie Fraser



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