Report: Ex-Augme Execs Arena, Bradley Go After Alleged Trolls in Federal Court

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Feb 18, 2014 
Mike Daly  |

ADOTAS – Two former top executives from Augme Technologies (now Hipcricket) filed suit in a federal court Friday against 30 anonymous trolls who made defamatory comments about them online, according to the New York Daily News.

The Daily News exclusively reported today that Augme’s former CEO, Paul Arena (pictured left), and CTO, Nathaniel Bradley (pictured right), filed the suit in an effort to unmask the “John Does” who allegedly made “abusive, vulgar and damning” comments about them on various websites after they resigned from Augme in 2012. Should the executives be successful in getting various ISPs to identify the defendants, whose screen names include BullTrader, caveat64emptor, i2telecoscammedme4lots, sandwormrider, lookoutbelow99, and pumpanddump340985, the suit would be amended to include their actual names, according to the report.

“The comments, which appeared on various websites and in online articles, falsely claimed that the executives pumped up the stock of the company, stole money from investors, engaged in inappropriate office romances and were fired from the company, according to the suit filed Friday in Brooklyn Federal Court,” The News’ John Marzulli reports. “One unidentified ranter called Arena and Bradley ‘the bangbros of pump stock.’ …The malicious posts have increased recently after Arena was appointed executive chairman of AudioEye in January, according to the complaint.” Bradley is now CEO of AudioEye.

The plaintiffs reportedly are seeking unspecified monetary damages and a court injunction silence the alleged trolls.

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