Content Marketing is Getting Smarter and Going Mobile

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Feb 28, 2014 
Patricia Hume  |

ADOTAS – The priorities of marketers in 2014 can be summed up in one word: engagement. Customer attention is a precious commodity these days and companies are experimenting with all sorts of new ways to keep people engaged. A recent study from eConsultancy highlighted this trend in detail: while marketers believe that content marketing is the top priority this year, they’re also focusing on social media engagement, targeting and personalization, conversion rate optimization and mobile optimization.

Marketers are trying to create content that’s right for individual customers, because they know that it’s the key to engagement. But content marketing, for the most part, is still a hit-or-miss proposition. Whether you curate a piece of content or write a blog post, you’re never sure if it will catch the attention of your target audience. Sure, you can target some of them with a piece of content, but can you target all of them?

In 2014, that might just be possible – because content marketing is going to get a lot smarter and a lot more mobile.

Making Content Marketing Intelligent

Most content across different channels is decidedly “dumb.” Your audience will see the same content, whether they’re a prospect or a customer, whether they’re interested in all of your products or just one of them. In a saturated content marketing landscape of today, that’s a problem. When every company is creating similar content, there’s no incentive for customers to become loyal to one brand over another.

But what if there was a content marketing solution that could serve customers the dynamic, real-time content that they wanted, on an individual level? What if marketers could create a Pandora-like way for consumers to experience and choose content and a solution that from those choices?

This year is going to be the year that content marketing becomes intelligent. With the right technology, brands will be able to supercharge content marketing strategies with machine learning capabilities. A new kind of content curation center will allow marketers to discover, trap and deliver content to consumers, content that positions the brand as an industry resource and thought leader… and doesn’t just parrot the stuff that has already been posted by competitors.

And the best part? In a lot of cases, content marketing is going to be mobile first.

Go Mobile or Go Home

The idea that consumers have gone mobile has almost become a truism at this point. By 2015, mobile search is expected to overtake desktop search. Making content mobile isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. In the ongoing competition for consumer attention, however, most content marketing is still based on the desktop-first, mobile-later model.

In many ways, though, mobile is an even more unforgiving environment for content. If a website isn’t responsive on mobile, consumers are five times more likely to leave it behind. In fact, they’re less patient on mobile in general, with 61 percent saying that, if they can’t immediately find what they were looking for, they leave the site.

So content marketing has to go mobile in a big way. A mobile content marketing solution should present consumers with a special, custom-tailored experience. Rather than a website that looks and feels the same across every platform, marketers should consider creating a branded app that delivers unique content at the press of a button.

When combined with artificial intelligence, this app can truly become something special. A marketing software company can automatically deliver great mobile content about the exact kind of marketing that clients want to read. A network application monitoring firm can provide the latest IT news or a mobile company can offer surveys and statistics relevant to one individual’s business.

More Effective Marketing in Less Time

On average, marketers believe that they should be sharing around 15 pieces of content a day. Right now, almost half of them say that they can’t keep up with that current demand. With an intelligent, mobile content marketing solution, marketers will finally be able to meet those demands in a more targeted and tactical way.

Last year, high-quality content became more important than ever. This will be the year that timely, accurate and personalized delivery gets just as important.

Patricia Hume is President of Trapit. Pat is responsbile for sales, marketing, business development and customer success. Prior to Trapit, Pat spent 25 years leading global sales and marketing teams for IBM, Avaya, SAP, and Convio. Most recently she was Chief Revenue Officer of Visier, Inc.

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Nice article Patrica, and your right 2014 will need more engaging content that can be accessed on mobile.

Posted by Tyler Burke | 11:14 am on March 6, 2014.

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