Blogshare: The Top 25 Mobile Advertising Players Beyond Facebook

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Feb 25, 2014 
Mike Daly  |

ADOTAS – HasOffers was recently removed from Facebook’s Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) program in a dispute over data storage. While CEO Peter Hamilton said at the time that his company remains open to working with Facebook again in the future, he noted in a blog post today that The Social Network is not the only player in the mobile advertising universe.

“Of the estimated $13.1 billion spent on mobile advertising in 2013, Facebook accounted for $3.28B or approximately 25%, Hamilton writes. “There’s no doubt Facebook plays a major role in mobile marketers budgets and strategies. But, with that said, there are hundreds of other mobile advertising players who collectively make up the other 75% of the mobile advertising pie. With Mobile World Congress in session, we wanted to take a moment to point out who some of the major players are in this 75% and show our support for their growing businesses. It is our mission to provide transparent, unbiased technology that allows these companies to more easily work with their clients and continue to expand the mobile ad industry.”

To drive that point home, HasOffers compiled a list of the top 25 mobile ad partner companies that are not owned by Mark Zuckerberg. (Spoiler Alert: Google AdWords tops the list.)

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Reader Comments.

Facebook is definitely NOT the only game in town. Frankly, I think Twitter is just as overblown. I’m a huge fan of quality ad networks, which is something Facebook will never be. You try to line up Facebook’s effectiveness and ability to innovate against Airpush or even Millennial Media, and Facebook is going to lose. Period… Explains why a lot of top industry talents are going to ad networks, not social networks!

Posted by Josh Howsein | 7:16 pm on February 25, 2014.

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