6 Technologies That Are Changing The Way We Do Business


ADOTAS — Technology is constantly changing how people communicate and conduct business. As a result, the business world is continuously adapting and adjusting to keep up with technology’s advancements. Although there’s no sure way to predict the innovations of the future, there are technologies already available that are influencing how business professionals work while shaping the business landscape. With that said, here are six of them.

Mobile Devices

Whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, or a phablet, mobile technology is constantly evolving. Professionals in the business world are now taking advantage of this technology to improve business operations by making them more efficient. Not only have these devices had a direct impact in workflow within the company, but they have also changed how businesses engage their consumers. As this technology continues to advance, so will the nature of business.

Automated Software

Automated software used to perform business operations is becoming more popular by the day. This is because this software helps reduce the cost in money and time that it takes for humans to do these processes. Although this might not be a favorable approach among people looking for employment, business owners are welcoming it with open arms. Some of the most used automated software take care of company finances, information backup, and marketing efforts.

Radio Frequency Identification

Although this form of technology isn’t exactly new, its cheap price is making it widely available. As a result, it’s revolutionizing how companies conduct business. Essentially, microchips that store vital information are attached to products, helping companies track their inventory as it travels across the world. The chips are also being implanted in humans to help with security, as control readers detect the chip’s signal and allow the employee to get access to the door they’re trying to open. Although it isn’t commonplace yet, it’s sure to be in the future.

Cloud Computing

As you’ve probably realized, the common theme about these technologies is that they’re saving companies money. Cloud computing is no different, as massive data center power for computing is readily available for pennies. For companies that want or need to expand their IT capabilities, this is a great proposal for the value. Although the cloud is relatively new, more companies are moving the cloud constantly. Not only is this cheap for people want to start their own business venture and conducive to economic growth, but it’s also good for the environment.

3D Printing

There’s no telling the possible impacts that 3D technology can have for business in the future. But research done by The Boston Consulting Group suggests that the production of electrical equipment, transportation goods, and furniture are among the most likely sectors in business to gain jobs as manufacturing in the U.S. returns. Essentially, with the implementation of 3D printing technology, mass production in the U.S. could be cheaper than producing and importing products from overseas. Again, the possibilities for this technology are endless.

Smart Watches

Although average consumers are attracting to smart watches since their release in 2013, these wearable gadgets can provide major benefits to business professionals who use them. The models currently on the market sync with your smartphone, giving you unlimited options such as scanning all your accounts and notifying you of any new text messages, emails, and calendar events. Even though this technology won’t change how business is conducted on a global scale, like 3D printing or cloud computing, the technology will have an impact on a smaller scale.

There’s no doubt that technology has everyone on their toes, awaiting the next big thing to hit the market and shift how people conduct business. Although these six technologies have — or will have — an impact in some form or fashion on how companies or business professionals operate today, there’s an unlimited amount of technologies out there that’ll have a direct impact in the future landscape of the business world.

Do you have any other technologies that interest you? How will they impact business? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.



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