‘Nexage Protect’ Touted as Mobile’s First Complete Brand Safety Solution


BOSTON, February 20, 2014 (ADOTAS) – Nexage, the leading premium mobile advertising exchange, announced yesterday the closed beta launch of Nexage Protect, the most complete and robust brand safety solution in mobile advertising. Nexage Protect provides a rigorous set of controls that enable premium publishers and advertisers to aggressively grow their mobile business while vigilantly protecting their brand.

A company’s brand image is inseparable from its ability to compete and win in the market.  Premium publishers’ brands enable them to attract, keep, and monetize consumers at a time when consumers have an inexhaustible set of content options. The advertisers’ brand is the critical asset that engenders an emotional and loyal relationship between the brand and consumer. As mobile has become a strategic medium, publishers and advertisers will need to leverage their brands to win.

Brand safety and ad quality are critical capabilities for premium publishers and advertisers, as they protect the very brands they will leverage to fuel growth. Nexage Protect provides rigorous and complete brand safety solutions for premium publishers and advertisers. For premium publishers, Nexage Protect includes four brand safety/ad quality capabilities:

  • Block lists that preclude specific buyers, advertisers, and ad placements.
  • Creative controls defined and enforced per IAB Tier 2 categories.
  • Malware detection, delivered with The Media Trust, which identifies fraudulent ads, misdirects, and other malware that Nexage blocks.
  • Ad screening controls that respond, in near real-time, to new ad creative risk and provide one-click blocking of any subsequent creative.

“As a premium publisher, protecting our brand is a huge priority for Univision,” said Anthony Dominguez, director of audience platform sales at Univision Interactive Media. “It’s a delicate balance between maximizing our mobile revenue and being good stewards of our high-value brand. Nexage understands that balance. With Nexage Protect, we will have more tools to protect our brand—and even more confidence in our growing mobile programmatic channel.”

In a similar fashion, advertisers need to ensure that the site and/or page in which their ad appears is consistent with their brand image. Nexage Protect leverages the Nexage Connect capability to provide advertisers and buyers:

  • Transparency at the impression level so buyers can determine how well the site, app, or page aligns with the advertiser’s brand
  • Contextual data at the page level, through Proximic, so that buyers have a dynamic ability to understand the adjoining content to the possible ad
  • Privacy signals, through TRUSTe, so that buyers and advertisers can see and honor opt-out preferences set by consumers

The rapid growth of the premium segment of mobile advertising is changing the expectations for brand safety and ad quality. Premium publishers and advertisers expect rigorous controls and impression-level brand signals to ensure they can protect the very brands they use to thrive in the market.

“Premium publishers, buyers, and advertisers – our customers – expect that they can grow their business and protect their brands; it is simply becoming table stakes for any programmatic market,” said Ernie Cormier (pictured), CEO and president of Nexage. “We recognize that these combined goals are not strategic ideals, they are critical components to their ability to compete and win.  We built Nexage Protect so premium publishers, advertisers, and buyers could grow their business on the Nexage Exchange while vigilantly protecting their brand. This is a powerful step forward for our customers and us. It should also serve as a new benchmark for what publishers and advertisers should expect programmatic markets to deliver.”

“The strong entry of premium publishers and advertisers into mobile changes the expectations for quality and rigor,” added Nexage CMO Victor Milligan. “Brand safety may be the best example. The tolerance level for brand safety risk falls precipitously as premium publishers and brands have a tremendous amount of equity in their brands. This leads to more stringent solutions that provide the transparency and rigor to effectively protect valuable brands.”

About Nexage

Nexage is the only premium mobile exchange that creates high-value, brand-safe liquidity for advertisers and publishers. The Nexage Exchange provides a range of programmatic markets to enable buyers and publishers to accelerate their businesses how they want to buy and sell including public exchange, private exchange, and programmatic guaranteed markets — and supports an ever-increasing volume of rich media and video ad units. Nexage Connect delivers integrated 1st and 3rd party data, including behavioral, contextual, enriched location, universal identifier, and privacy data to enhance targeting and retargeting. Nexage Protect delivers a suite of brand safety controls to advertisers and publishers. Nexage serves customers on a worldwide basis with offices in Boston, New York, San Francisco and London. Come visit us at www.nexage.com or follow us on Twitter @Nexage.


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