Why I Love Anna Kendrick’s Newcastle Super Bowl Spot


ADOTAS — Okay, I admit I’m getting pretty pumped for Super Bowl Sunday with brews, bros and the best part: the commercials. Fox announced that ad placement spots have been locked-in for over 2 months now before the big game, and this year the sellout comes about one month earlier than did CBS’ sellout announcement for the last Super Bowl.

“It’s the worst-kept secret,” says Neil Mulcahy, executive vice president of Fox Sports. “The demand has been incredible. Having the game in the New York market this year meant a lot to people wanting to be there.”

According to USA Today, Fox won’t say what it charged for Super Bowl broadcast ad space, top media buyers estimate that some 30-second slots sold upwards of $4 million. That’s $200,000 more than the average $3.8 million per slot that CBS took in for its 2013 broadcast.

Amidst all the upcoming ad campaign hullaballoo from mainstay Super Bowl brands like Doritos, Hyundai GoDaddy, Anheuser-Busch, magical beverage company Newcastle is taking a different approach – launching a hilarious ad campaign that pokes fun at how it almost signed on as an advertiser for the Super Bowl starring actress/singer Anna Kendrick.

I adore this woman.

In the ad spot, Kendrick sits in her make-up chair getting her hair all done up, mastering the tongue-in-cheek delivery of muted earnest humor. She mentions the fact that they can’t even say the word ‘Super Bowl” or ‘big game’ so she says it repeatedly but each time it gets bleeped out.

At one point Kendrick says. “I was surprised at even being offered the part, ’cause I don’t think of myself as like, ‘beer commercial babe’ hot. You know? I mean I’m hot, but like ‘approachable’ hot. Like ‘the hottest girl in your improv class’ hot. Like hot to the kind of guys who would feel bad calling a girl hot.”

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