What a (Digital) Mom Wants: Data Reveals Truisms about Moms’ Digital Shopping Behavior


ADOTAS — Christina Aguilera sang “What a Girl Wants” loud and clear more than 15 years ago. We have found this to be even more prevalent as it relates to the digital world.

Several years ago, moms became one of the most coveted audiences for brand marketers, advertisers and retailers alike. The industry is always looking for insights into winning over the hearts of moms online, via mobile and social media.

We already know that moms are steeped in media. They are tied to and reliant upon smartphones, tablets, computers and good old-fashioned TVs. In fact, while 64 percent of U.S. women are online, a full 90 percent of moms are plugged in. While Mom may be a Millennial, a Gen-Xer or a Boomer, chances are she did at least part of her shopping online on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Moms are omnichannel. Despite their busy lives, they are immersed in media on their phones and tablets. Computers and other devices are an every day part of their lives. They have become dependent on them to juggle kids, work, shopping, meal prep…the list goes on. Today’s moms are the chief decision-making officers of just about any U.S. household.

Adroit Digital conducted a study of moms prior to the holidays. The goal was to understand how these savvy shoppers will be using online channels to peruse and purchase gifts this season. They also wanted to help retailers glean insights into how Moms are using their mobile devices both in-store and at home, what motivates them to buy and what they’re planning to spend big on this year.

Although the report was focused on December holidays, the key findings are applicable to year-round perceptions, habits and usage.

How can retailers ask the right questions about their mobile strategies, promotions and loyalty programs through the holidays and beyond?

First they must understand who these moms are. Consider this: Of the study participants, 38 percent were 25 to 34; 29 percent were 35 to 44 and 12 percent were 18 to 24. Of those, 41 percent work full time outside the home, whereas 33 percent are stay-at-home moms and 21 percent work part time outside the home.

Of these busy moms, half said they were going to do their holiday shopping online. Additionally, half said were going to use the mobile web to shop this past holiday season. Mobile app usage represented 26 percent of these moms. It was no surprise that 24 percent of the older demographic group (55+) didn’t plan on using mobile.

Fifty percent of moms go to 3 to 5 sites to find what they want to buy online. Of this group, 39 percent would be likely to spend more then they had planned. Ninety-three percent said that if they were offered deals and discounts from one of their favorite retailers then they would make a purchase they may have not otherwise made.

When moms are in brick-and-mortar stores, they use their devices. While shopping in-store, 56 percent of moms plan on using their mobile device to locate a discount or coupon, 50 percent will be checking prices against an online retailer and 42 percent will be checking prices at another nearby retailer.

Surveyed moms indicated they planned on doing 50 percent or more of all their online holiday shopping last season from their tablet or smartphone compared to their laptop/desktop. The numbers are higher for millennial moms: 31 percent of 18 – 24-year-olds and 25 percent of 25 – 34-year-olds plan on doing 50 percent or more of all their online holiday shopping this season from a mobile device compared to a laptop/desktop.

Another surprise finding is that the purchase-decision making time frame isn’t as long as we thought. Moms are influenced by ads. In fact, 62 percent of moms said they would purchase an item after seeing an ad for it online the same day. Over half (52 percent) said they would make the purchase later that same day. This has major implications for brand marketers and advertisers buying media online.

Brand marketers, advertisers and retailers should take a look at further findings in the full report. Marketers and retailers that know what a mom wants will win over their hearts and purses.



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