Using Video to Compete and Win in the Niche Market Space

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Jan 9, 2014 
Nick Pahade  |

ADOTAS – The rise of the online digital video – a new media revolution – is overturning established notions of how to build brands and engage customers. The change to online video offers a near-infinite variety of platforms advertisers can use to deliver niche messages. The video advertising industry is breaking down decades-old barriers to video creation and consumption.

YouTube users upload 48 hours of content to the top video platform every minute, and consumers are more focused on video than ever, watching it on their mobile phones, from their gaming consoles and PCs – on their schedule. Communities have coalesced online around narrowly focused interests and demographic subgroups. For marketers, the brave new world of online video opens up incredible new opportunities to engage potential customers, build brands and drive sales.

But capitalizing on that opportunity requires new ways of thinking about message production and delivery. Because audiences are now so fragmented – and since expectations of personalization are heightened in the digital age – the same message won’t necessarily work for everyone. To reach niche audiences, brands need to develop messages that appeal to specific groups, which means crafting different versions of the same story.

In the past, this level of micro-targeting would have been cost-prohibitive, but now it’s possible to develop and test several video messages for multiple audiences for less than it used to cost to produce a single video. The power of crowdsourcing and advanced, real-time analytics now allow brands to affordably create marketing content and generate accurate, relevant data to inform campaign decisions in real time.

So how do you put these new capabilities to work for your brand? The first step is to define the audience, identify what appeals to them and outline the goals for the marketing video. How you ultimately measure success depends on your specific campaign goals, but these types of metrics can be useful in evaluating performance:

  • More web traffic.
  • Better customer engagement in social media campaigns.
  • Higher sales and revenue performance.
  • More social platform and email subscribers.
  • Greater brand awareness.
  • Better connection to targeted groups.
  • Higher viewer retention of product/service features and benefits.

Armed with a clear view of the audience, drivers and objectives, you can then affordably create content, using crowdsourcing platforms to produce a variety of takes on a video message and then testing the resulting creative for effectiveness, just as advertisers have traditionally done for print, direct mail and other types of collateral. Fortunately, the cost barriers to video production are falling as the demand for customized messages is rising: It is now possible to create multiple professional-grade, distribution-quality videos even on a limited budget. As a marketer, you now have the tools you need to compete – and win – in the niche advertising space.

Nick Pahade is currently serving as CEO of Poptent. Nick brings two decades of leadership experience across media and digital agencies, eCommerce, and technology platforms with a common focus on unlocking the power of technology as part of an integrated approach to media. As a pioneer of digital marketing with over 17 years’ experience across media and digital agencies, eCommerce and technology platforms - Nick brings a wealth of creative thinking and a long resume of innovative communications solutions. Spearheading Poptent’s efforts to address the surging demand for video content that specifically delivers an authentic voice that is well-produced, Nick provides the vision, experience, and proven leadership needed to accelerate Poptent’s growth while solidifying the company’s role as the industry’s leading social video content community and platform.

Before coming to Poptent, Nick was the President and Chief Executive Officer at Initiative North America, one of the Interpublic Group's (NYSE: IPG) two worldwide media networks and part of the company's Mediabrands unit. At Initiative, Nick’s specific responsibilities were for the agency's U.S. and Canadian operations. Prior to Initiative, Nick was with digital media management platform Traffiq, where he also served as their CEO. Among his many accomplishments, Nick was a driving force behind the success of Traffiq's unique offering that provides media buyers and vendors with a single trading, planning and optimization platform.

Prior to working at Traffiq, Nick was President of TrueAction - part of e-commerce and online tech provider GSI Commerce. During his tenure with TrueAction and GSI he was credited with building the company's digital marketing services division into a leading full-service organization that was later acquired by eBay. Nick also served as President of Denuo, Publicis' digital and futures practice. His impressive career in digital marketing also saw him co-found Beyond Interactive Inc. which he successfully sold to Grey Global Group/WPP. He also led Mediacom Digital as its Managing Director.

Pahade has been recognized by MEDIA Magazine as one of the "Top 50 People to Know in Interactive Marketing". He was also named an Online All-Star by MediaPost and was included in Advertising Age's coveted 40 under 40 list. He is also active in the venture capital area serving in both an advisory role and angel investor to a variety of industry start-ups.

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I believe you’re spot on in recognizing the potential use of video in niche marketing. If marketers can offer their audience video that appeals to their niche interests, the impact of video can be a real game changer.

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Posted by Randall | 12:45 pm on January 13, 2014.

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