UberMedia Digital BCS Snapshot Highlights 2014 Marketing Imperatives


PASADENA, Calif., January 7, 2014 (ADOTAS) – UberMedia, based just blocks away from the final chapter of the college football BCS Bowl game in Pasadena, CA, today released its first UberInsights of 2014: a “Digital BCS Snapshot” that provides a quick view of  Florida State and Auburn fans’ mobile social behavior around the 2014 BCS Championship game.  The first-party data was compiled from UberMedia’s audience data platform that captures cross-screen social, location and interest signals and behavior to unlock unique consumer insights.

As college students and alumni from around the country converged on Pasadena for the game, UberMedia analyzed social, interest, location, and intent signals of both Auburn and Florida State fans in real-time, covering opinions ranging from online dating to beer preferences. This cross-screen Emotional Intent data highlighted key differences in mobile activity that reflected the diverse demographics and locations of the fan bases, while also showing overarching themes that display how college football fans collectively engage with their mobile devices.

“By marrying social signals, interest data and location data, advertisers can tap into the passions and preferences of these avid sports fans,” said Michael Hayes, Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer at UberMedia. “Emotional Intent is the focal point of consumer decision-making, and whether advertisers are looking to sell beer, cars, food or anything else, they can get to the heart of the consumer by examining the ‘digital breadcrumbs’ they are leaving, and using those to drive meaningful insights.”

Highlights from UberMedia’s “Digital BCS Snapshot” include:

  • Leaving the tablet at home: Florida State and Auburn fans spent 93 percent of their mobile time on smartphones, and only 7 percent on tablets, reflecting the always-on-the-go nature of college life.
  • Looking for love…on social media perhaps, but definitely not on dating sites/apps: 90% of fans are looking for love outside of dating sites/apps; which is consistent with the 2013 Pew Internet study that stated that “10% of Millennials used online dating platforms or mobile apps”.
  • The Young Republicans Club: Auburn Tigers’s fans are 74% Republican, which was fitting for a student body named the most conservative in the country by the Princeton Review.  Florida State Seminoles fans were right-leaning as well, with a 54% identified as Republican.
  • Celeb-Tweets: Who do these coeds follow the most? Auburn fans are engaging with Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian; while FSU fans are following Justin Timberlake and… Oprah.
  • All about Jameis: Jameis Winston (pictured) was the most tweeted about, most hated and most loved player during the game.

“In 2014, we believe that targeting prepackaged ‘audiences’ is no longer enough for marketers,” said Hayes. “Brands need to advertise to consumers who are actively displaying interest and consideration, and drive them deeper into the purchase funnel.  This is what we call ‘jumping into the funnel,’ and as evidenced from the BCS Championship game data, mobile presents a unique chance to do this.”

The data for the study was derived from UberMedia’s first party social apps and ad platform which reaches more sports fans than ESPN.com, Turner/SI Digital, or CBSSports.com.

Download the full infographic on the UberMedia site at: www.ubermedia.com/bcs-infographic


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