The 614 Group Releases First-Ever Viewable Vendor Study


NEW YORK, January 14, 2014 (ADOTAS) — As publishers across the digital marketplace prepare for a sea-change industry transition from “served” ad impressions to a “viewable” impressions currency, The 614 Group today unveiled an industry-first, in-depth “Viewable Vendor Study”, providing an analysis of current viewability vendors in the digital arena – supplying publishers with practical snapshot assessments of viewability vendors’ capabilities and offerings.

From September through November 2013, The 614 Group interviewed nine leading viewability companies to ascertain offerings, capabilities and standards, including:

  • Alenty
  • C3 Metrics
  • comScore
  • DG MediaMind
  • Integral Ad Science
  • Meetrics
  • Moat
  • RealVu

Increasingly, digital buyers and publishers are focused on a range of services that will help them launch more effective campaigns, including attribution, brand safety, consistency, and understanding user engagement.

Viewability as a measurement standard has skyrocketed to the top of publisher and buyer concerns in the past 12 months, as interactive advertising stakeholders increasingly seek a uniform industry standard that assures online ads are, in fact, fully viewable by online consumers.

This process is especially timely and necessary for publishers and buyers not only because the interactive advertising industry lacks a uniform viewability standard – and has for far too long – but also because the Media Ratings Council (MRC) has indicated that it is preparing to lift their viewability advisory in early 2014, which will release a vast number of sources in the marketplace to transact against the viewability paradigm.

“More than ever, interactive advertising buyers see viewability metrics as a minimal standard for assuring quality impressions,” said Rob Rasko (pictured), Founder, The 614 Group. “This report covers a majority of viewability vendor companies in today’s market, with the goal of helping publishers narrow the pool of suppliers and identify those that are aligned with their priorities. Interactive publishers will need to make key, long-term decisions early in 2014 in concert with the lifting of the MRC’s viewability advisory. At the same time, we anticipate an exponential rise in the amount of transactions based on viewability standards. Together, these inflection points involving viewability are set to significantly impact stakeholders’ bottom lines – and smart vendor testing at the front end of the process will be financially critical to the success of an overall viewability strategic plan.”

In addition to vendor viewability reviews, the 614 Group study also provides a “Viewability Implementation Process” (VIP) to further aid digital advertising publishers and other stakeholders in a prudent, step-by-step vendor selection process to ensure that offerings and services are aligned with publisher strategy and priorities.

To access “The 614 Group Viewable Vendor Study”, please visit here.

The 614 Group is a digital solutions firm and consultancy that enables marketing in an interactive world. Founded in 2012, the firm services corporations, governments, and trade associations – working as a trusted client advisor and partner. With offices in New York, Seattle, London, and Berlin, The 614 Group delivers services in four distinct practice areas: Content Monetization and Revenue Strategy, Brand Safety and Education, Technology and Systems Integration, and Corporate Strategy. For more information, please visit


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