Tealium: Digital Marketing Predictions and Resolutions for 2014


ADOTAS — Tealium, a leader in enterprise tag management and digital data distribution platforms, has put together the predictions for 2014:


  • Cloud technology = empowered marketers: Digital marketers will reduce their reliance on IT departments thanks to new cloud-based technologies that empower marketers to manage their own solutions and launch more revenue-generating campaigns faster and easier.
  • Streamlining big data at the source: Investing in costly and time-consuming back-office data integration projects (that also require heavy IT resources) will cease to be a big headache for marketers who will start streamlining their big data initiatives and solving their big data challenges themselves at the source.
  • Enter data activists: 2014 will see the transition from “data analysts” to “data activists” as marketers place laser focus on marketing applications that enable them to take action to increase results, as opposed to solutions that only provide more reports and more trends.
  • Tag management comes front and center: Marketers will increasingly view tag management as the foundational layer of their digital marketing technology stack because 1) it allows for simplified deployments of online solutions, 2) creates a standardized ‘data layer’ across vendors and 3) can be used to fuel existing all digital marketing applications with highly targeted, enriched customer data.
  • Integrated marketing – less hype, more reality: The realization of true integration where marketers can successfully unify and leverage their cross-vendor data to provide more personalized and relevant customer experiences
will become a reality in 2014. Gone are the days of marketing in silos.
  • Seriously mobile: Mobile marketing will finally be taken more seriously by marketers given the availability of new analytics tools that make it easy to measure and optimize visitor interaction with mobile websites and mobile apps. New technologies will also make it easier to deploy those analytics solutions and other key marketing tools.
  • The rise of the agile marketer: Marketers will be more agile, especially through key holiday periods where traditional IT-mandated “code freezes” can be appropriately navigated via new technologies that allow marketers to continue deploying solutions and campaigns with interfering with approved site code.


Here are Tealium’s five key resolutions that marketers should follow to make sure they are delivering better-than-expected results in 2014.

  • Stop Chasing So-Called “Big Data”: For too long, marketers have heard about the promise of so-called big data without being able to capitalize. The secret is not in focusing on collecting an ever-growing silo of data, but in being able to solve the big data challenge at the source, and take action with that data to improve customer acquisition and retention. In 2014, vow to turn big data into big action.
  • A/B Test Your Online Vendors: Most marketers are familiar with A/B testing landing pages, banner creative, etc. This year, vow to use new deployment tools to help you test different vendors solutions against each before signing an agreement. This ensures you are using best-of-breed solutions that fit your digital marketing needs, and prevents you from being locked into to a particular vendor.
  • Escape the Holiday Code Freeze: Every year, digital marketers get iced during the holiday season because of the traditional IT-mandated “code freeze,” which prevents marketers from using new solutions or changing important analytics data points. This year, resolve to stay agile during the most important shopping period of the year so you can maximize results.
  • Follow the Multi-Channel Mandate: For too long, marketers have been operating in marketing silos, unable to leverage important customer data across vendors and platforms. That has all changed, allowing marketers to engage in true integrated marketing for the first time. The results are dramatically improved results and consistent cross-channel customer experiences.
  • Go Mobile: Every year, we hear the same thing – marketers need to engage their customers on both web and mobile channels. Every year, that mandate seems to fall by the wayside. 2014 will be different, however, as new tools and technologies make it possible to engage customers – and measure their interactions – across digital touchpoints, including mobile websites and mobile apps. Vow to make this year the year you truly go mobile.


  1. Mobile marketing is the key prediction here. 6 billion people have access to a mobile phone. A business’s success could literally be in the hands of millions. Good perspective, thanks.


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