WATCH: Synthesio Integrates Social Listening and Engagement Platform into IBM Connections


ADOTAS — Synthesio has struck a major partnership with IBM that integrates their award-winning social media monitoring and engagement software into IBM Connections.

This program, that will be utilized by all IBM employees worldwide and customers of IBM Connections, takes this social software platform to the next, competitive level with the ability to monitor all online networks for important posts about every selected aspect of a brand, capture and route them automatically to the key people in relevant departments (customer service, marketing, product development, HR, PR, etc.), along with the ability to engage with the poster in real-time without ever having to log into or out of Connections.

Here are a few key ways Synthesio’s partnership with IBM will help users simply and efficiently deliver real business results across the enterprise:

  • Users not only have access to actionable social media data in real-time, but the power to act on it.
  • Integration with IBM Connections enables users to leverage social media data directly from their existing Connections workflow.
  • By simply clicking on the Connections Share button, users can easily collaborate with team members by pushing posts to colleagues for follow up in IBM Connections – all from right within the IBM Connections Platform
  • Users can save time by giving influencers the attention they deserve in real-time – without memorizing another login, without learning any new software, and without interrupting their workflow. All within the IBM Connections platform.



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