Super Bowl Data: Which Brand is Already Winning?

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Jan 31, 2014 
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ADOTAS — Proprietary social data from Digimind Social shows which brand has already won consumer attention with their Super Bowl campaigns.

Digimind monitored online conversations from Jan. 24-Jan. 30. Most notably, it’s clear that teaser campaigns pay off in the court of public opinion and consumers care a lot about celebrity endorsements and puppies.

Here’s who’s winning overall in share of online conversations:

  • Oikos (25% of conversations monitored).
  • Audi (16% of conversations monitored).
  • Budweiser (9 % of conversations monitored).
  • Sodastream (7% of conversations monitored).
  • Coke (7% of conversations monitored).
  • Jaguar (7% of conversations monitored).

In the Yogurt Wars, Oikos is crushing Chobani, owning 95% of the conversation thanks to a “Full House” reunion and well-timed morning show circuit.

Here’s how the Auto Wars shape up:

  • Audi is a clear winner so far with 40% of mentions as social users latched onto its “Doberhuahua” hybrid.
  • Jaguar is a distant 2nd with 17% of mentions; it’s #goodtobebad hashtag is catching on.
  • Kia takes 3rd place with 12% of mentions.

In terms of overall sentiment, 83% of conversations around the ads are positive, while 12% is negative (you can’t win them all).

The brand that inspires the most positive reaction to already released campaign is Budweiser.

  • Budweiser’s puppy and Clydesdale ad is receiving 97% positive mentions and 0% negative (the extra 3% are neutral)
  • None of the other campaigns have 0% negative comments. Even with its “Full House” reunion, Oikos is trending 85% positive, 12% negative.

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