Somo: Mobile Ad Predictions for 2014


ADOTAS — Michael Becker (pictured below), Market Development North America & Strategic Advisor at Somo, offers the following forecast for mobile advertising in the year ahead

1. Mobile Advertising Full Steam Ahead, But Think Beyond Mobile Advertising. eMarketer estimates the mobile advertising spend will surpass digital advertising by 2017, so it is safe to say we’ll continue to see rapid growth. We’ll see more spend and innovation across all aspects of how we buy, sell, create and deploy mobile advertising across the full spectrum of formats, including search, display, rich media, video (which generates amazing returns given its emotional quotient), audio and old and new forms of messaging.

We’ll see innovation in a wide number of areas including media buying such as programmatic buying. New formats will emerge like Swipe Advertising and incentivized formats like couponing. We’ll also see an increase in new devices (Samsung alone has over 300 new devices coming out), proximity sense-making tools and the use of data to create relevance and more insight in the linkages between digital and online engagement. This last point will create the biggest affect on mobile advertising. In 2014 a larger number of C-suite executives across all industries will recognize that the silos are falling between the stages of the customer journey and that the customer is wielding more power than ever.

We’re entering what Forrester calls the Consumer Era. Executives will realize that advertising is just one instrument within the mobile section of the marketer’s orchestra and that other instruments like in-app customer care solutions, for example, may generate as much value if not for the consumer advocacy they generate than what currently is happening with paid media today. Moreover, it won’t just be paid and earned media driving engagement, co-created shared media between marketing and consumer throughout the customer journey will take root, as well — the recognition that new capabilities like Augmented Reality will actually create new media opportunities that never existed before. By the end of 2014 we’ll see a reshaping of advertising. Advertising as we know it will never be the same.

2. Omnichannel & Multichannel – Recognition that they’re Two Sides of One Coin. As the silos break down, the entire customer journey is illuminated deeper and the relationship between omnichannel and multichannel marketing will begin to be more broadly understood. At the center of the consumer marketer relationship is the action/engagement. At the end of the day, the consumer wants his or her needs fulfilled through his or her chosen selected medium. However, like any tool, not every medium, and this includes mobile, is suitable for every opportunity. Therefore the consumer will continue to use many channels–mobile, web, physical retail etc. to be fulfilled and they’ll carry with them the expectation of having a consistent, trusted, brand experience throughout every channel. In other words, the omnichannel is a customer view and refers to the consumer having a consistent brand experience regardless of how they engage the brand. If they do not have a consistent experience, the brand equity is not being optimized. On the flip side of omnichannel, the customer view, is multichannel, which is the marketer’s view. The marketer’s view is much more complex. It consists of many instruments that all have to play in concert to create a harmony so that the consumer may have the omnichannel experience.


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