Optilly Launches Mobile App Install Optimization Platform for Facebook


SUNNYVALE, Calif., January 8, 2014 (ADOTAS) Optilly, the 2012 Y Combinator alum that developed the leading SaaS-based social ads management platform for direct response marketers and brand marketers, today announced the launch of its app install marketing platform for Facebook. The platform optimizes Facebook app install campaigns based on cost per action (CPA) in order to quickly achieve the best possible campaign performance in the least amount of time. It reduces user acquisition costs and yields the maximum return on Facebook advertising investments.

“Our system creates and tests thousands of ads quickly, and manages all of the split testing while determining which ads are most profitable based on the user defined target acquisition cost,” said Vince Mundy, CEO and co-founder of Optilly. “It would take hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in order to properly do anything like this manually. We’ve designed a fast, inexpensive, and fully automated solution that will continually reduce user acquisition cost.” The powerful self-service solution enables advertisers to strategize, create, test and optimize a variety of Facebook app install ads. Optilly harnesses the power of fractional factorial multivariate testing which allows users to simultaneously test numerous factors within ads in a shorter amount of time and with less complexity. Optilly offers the benefits of testing limitless combinations of ad elements and variables without the amount of ad groups and ad spend normally required with individual A/B split testing. Optilly’s Campaign Performance Boosting Features Include:

  • Strategize: Optilly’s Facebook campaign experts walk you through set up.
  • Create: hundreds of app install ads in minutes with Optilly’s mass ad creator.
  • Test: Optilly’s automated multivariate testing method compiles statistical data to find the best performing, most profitable audiences.
  • Optimize: Optilly’s programmatic bid management algorithm adjusts bids every five minutes using the data from the learnings engine to further increase campaign performance by spending on the most valuable audiences.

The platform uses its proprietary technology and statistics-based algorithms to make bid adjustments every five minutes to automatically optimize campaign performance. Optilly is able to determine which targets have the most positive impact, halting ads that are not performing well and boosting ads that offer the highest ROI. The algorithm also learns which audiences have the best long-term value and spends more on those groups. The platform will even recommend additional profitable audiences based on historical performance. Optilly launched the beta version of its service in January 2013. Since then, Optilly has helped hundreds of advertisers including fortune 500 companies reduce the amount of time and money spent on campaign management. Optilly is available to brands and agencies today. For more information, visit Optilly.com. About Optilly Optilly is a SaaS-based social ads management platform currently optimizing ads on Facebook via the FB ads API. Optilly specializes on helping mobile app developers acquire new users at the lowest cost per install. Optilly is a Y Combinator (W2012) company and is backed by some of the most prestigious investors in the valley like SV angels, Andreessen Horowitz, Digital Garage (Japan) and TransMedia Capital. Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.



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