Partners with Smaato on Interactive Mobile Ad Solution for Small Businesses & Budget Advertisers


SINGAPORE, January 7, 2014 (ADOTAS) — today announced the launch of their interactive mobile rich media ad solution in partnership with Smaato, the leading global mobile RTB ad exchange. MobileAds’ self-service solution enables budget-conscious advertisers to create affordable yet highly engaging HTML5 rich media ads efficiently.

“Our strategic partnership with Smaato is a form of our commitment to enable interactive rich media advertising for the mass market,” said Alvin Koay (pictured), CEO of “Smaato has one of the largest mobile ad inventories in the world and we can tap onto and leverage their resources instantly.” “With our solution, even ‘Mom & Pop’ shops can run mobile ad campaigns using interactive, rich media ads.”

“With the global mobile advertising market projected to hit $24.5 billion by 2016, Smaato’s Global Mobile RTB ad-exchange platform is well positioned with partners like MobileAds to capture small business and budget advertiser spend,” said Ajitpal Pannu, Chief Strategy Officer of Smaato. “Smaato’s self-serve platform powers 76,000+ mobile app and mobile web publishers with access to over 250MM unique users.”

At the same time, MobileAds’ solution also addresses a major issue in the mobile standard banner ad format.

“Every tap on a mobile standard banner ad will bring users to a mobile website which totally disrupts the users’ experience,” said Koay. “Our ‘new-generation’ mobile standard banner solves this by keeping users within the app or mobile website with an expanded or overlay “mini-website”. And it costs a fraction of other rich media solutions in the market.”

As a self-service solution, advertisers and digital agencies can now build highly engaging mobile rich media ads and embed interactive components inside banners. These components include videos, e-commerce, store locator, click-to-call, contact form and social media walls.

The tool is free to use and can be white-labeled for ad networks, DSPs, agencies or publishers. It can also be used to create interactive native ads for apps, mobile websites or social media posts.

For more information, please visit website or access the presentation deck here.

About is a cloud-based DIY solution to easily create interactive rich media mobile banner ads in HTML5. It turns banner ads into actionable “mini-websites”. The company is based out of Singapore, Malaysia and has an office in Tokyo.


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