LiquidM Updates Platform, Combining Direct Publisher Ad Serving With RTB Reach Extension


SAN FRANCISCO, January 7, 2014 (ADOTAS) – LiquidM, the only white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP), today announced a new version of its MAMP platform – version 1.8 – to become the first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to automate the optimization of direct publisher ad serving and combine it with RTB supply purchasing via a new proprietary SDK and improved Decision Engine. For the first time ever, customers can use a SaaS platform to run advertising campaigns seamlessly on their own premium direct publishers with a new MRAID 2.0-supported Ad Server as well as via RTB. The updated MAMP platform also adds Dynamic Visual Reports and RTB integration with all of the major ad exchanges.

“The fact our MAMP has an Ad Server, a RTB Bidder and a Decision Engine under one roof is truly unique,” said Roi Chobadi, co-founder and chief product officer, LiquidM. “Normally, Ad Servers don’t come with a Decision Engine and rely on manual optimization. Our MAMP allows users to choose which targeting criteria they want to set manually, and which they want to allow the Decision Engine to optimize for them. Our platform is the first full-stack SaaS to save mobile advertisers the hassle of using several independent point solutions – whether it’s an Ad Server for direct publishers or DSP for RTB. Put simply, our MAMP removes the typical manual labor required across the ad management lifecycle. It’s what our customers asked for. And it’s what the market demanded.”

Unlike point solutions such as a performance-only DSP, LiquidM’s MAMP spans the entire spectrum from direct publishers (Ad Serving / SDK) to RTB supply – and its advanced technology covers the entire mobile ad value chain in premium and performance environments.

MAMP New Features

  • Ad Server and SDK: Combined with direct publisher ad serving, LiquidM’s new proprietary SDK offers full support of any ad type and size (e.g., banner, interstitials, interactive) as well as Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID) 2.0 support, ensuring a standardized set of commands designed to work with HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Dynamic Visual Reports: Eliminates the need of ad operators to spend time working with Excel, allowing users to maneuver information to generate beautiful, customized ad campaign reports within the same platform campaigns are created.
  • RTB Bidder: Includes integrations with all the major RTB ad exchanges, enabling customers to run campaigns on either their own direct publishers or large volumes of RTB traffic. LiquidM’s platform uniquely allows users to set campaigns to run seamlessly on both their own publishers, and then use RTB Bidder’s reach extension as necessary to make sure a campaign is fully delivered.
  • Decision Engine: LiquidM’s new version of Decision Engine leverages state of the art machine learning algorithms to offer ROI optimization for either RTB traffic or direct publishers. Users can choose the exact amount of manual optimization they want to do from fully manual to fully automatic, eliminating the reliance on manual optimization even for campaigns running on direct publishers.

Wittig“We draw on decades of experience in enterprise software and our fresh approach is really resonating with ad tech customers. We’ve seen how SaaS revolutionized the enterprise, and we believe it will do the same to mobile ad tech,” said Christof Wittig (pictured), co-founder and CEO, LiquidM. “I’m glad to see our team’s unique background bring such a disruptive product to market. We’ve added unified reporting and sophisticated machine learning optimization in one full-stack SaaS platform – all while maintaining a simple, easy-to-use user interface.”

LiquidM’s modular, cloud-based SaaS allows customers to run their ad tech infrastructure on a standardized, open platform that is customizable to their individual needs. Customers include: Mobilike, Madvertise Media, Fetch, and Orange. For more information, visit

About LiquidM

LiquidM is the only white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform (MAMP), which allows media buyers to optimize their processes across the full range of premium to performance advertising.  For customers who care about return, performance, brand safety, and quality, LiquidM provides a business model-agnostic core to manage and optimize their mobile advertising campaigns. LiquidM’s modular cloud-based software allows customers to run their ad tech infrastructure on a standardized, open platform that is customizable to their individual needs. Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, London, Berlin and Singapore, LiquidM helps customers configure their current and future mobile advertising business models. For more information, visit


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