JBL Turns Tweets Into Music for Grammy Campaign


ADOTAS — In celebration of the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards, today JBL launched “JBL Tweet Music,” a new digital experience that transforms tweets into music. Twitter users can tweet as they normally would using #JBLGrammys or #JBLTweetMusic, with @JBLAudio, and their tweet will be interpreted into a song. The keyboard becomes an instrument and the creating possibilities are endless.

At the heart of the experience is an algorithm that converts every letter, character, and number into loops of music. When Twitter users create a tweet and click to share, the tweet gets pulled into the server and runs through the algorithm. After the tweet is converted into a custom song based on that unique set of characters from the user, it gets outputted into a mix of loops making a full song. This song then gets retweeted back to the user, who can play the custom song right in Twitter and share it on any platform (i.e., Facebook, Tumblr, etc.).

How it works

Tweet Music incorporates a simple, yet powerful custom algorithm where each 3 characters of a tweet become translated to a loop and timing. The first character signifies which loop gets selected from the library, e.g. as the letter “a” pulls loop #32. The second character in the set selects the music bar the loop begins with, and the third character selects where it ends. For example, the word “The” will select track 22 for capital “T”, begin at bar 6 for “h”, and end at bar 14 for “e.” The algorithm will translate these sets of 3 until it completes the whole tweet, blend them together, and export a music file back to Twitter. To create the most variety, the position that the character is in the set also determines what it selects, so “T” in position 1 will produce a loop, but in position 2 and 3 it will not. It will select the loop from the first character in the set, such as the “s” in “string”, and the “t” in position 2 then selects where the “s” loop will play.

“JBL Tweet Music” is the first campaign to convert tweets to music, completely on Twitter. Everything happens in Twitter. No need to download apps, or sign up for something – just tweet with #JBLGrammys or #JBLTweetMusic @JBLAudio.

This campaign is part of HARMAN’s overarching marketing strategy, and is a combined effort by TracyLocke, WestwoodOne, and other agencies.

“Tweet Music” users will be able to hashtag their way to the 2015 Grammys. When a consumer includes the hashtag in their tweet, they are automatically entered to win a trip to the 2015 Grammy Awards & JBL audio prizes. That’s it, no additional registration required.

All musical tweets will be archived on the JBLTweetMusic.com microsite. To view the site, please visit http://www.JBL.com/TweetMusic.


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