EXCLUSIVE: Study Shows Only 3% of B2B Firms Use Marketing Automation

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Jan 21, 2014 
Richard L. Tso  |

ADOTAS – Integrated marketing platforms like Eloqua, Marketo, Hubspot and Pardot can pretty much do anything these days, from tracking webpage conversions to incorporating a brand’s CRM data to create complex drip-email campaigns that can trigger the sending of follow-up emails once a user clicks on an embedded link.

“The marketing technology ecosystem is expanding rapidly and now has more than 900 solutions,” said Jacob Shama (pictured), CEO of Mintigo. “It seems that today, CMOs need to be the most tech-savvy people in the organization.”

But while marketing automation technologies have advanced dramatically in recent years, new research released by Mintigo indicates that only three percent of B2B companies are actually leveraging these platforms, highlighting a huge untapped market opportunity. The report analyzed 186,500 US-based B2B companies to discover the types of businesses across industries that had implemented the latest marketing tools.

Additional insights from the report include:

  • Big business adopts first: Larger companies (with more than 1,000 employees) were twice as likely to have adopted a marketing automation solution than companies with fewer than 1,000 employees.
  • Tech leads adoption: Software and Internet companies represented the industry with the highest overall use of marketing automation tools at a rate of 11.8 percent. Telecommunications companies had the highest number of users per capita, but a lower overall adoption rate.
  • Though adoption rates of marketing automation tools were higher at companies with more than 1,000 employees, the overall implementation percentage was still below eight percent, showing that none of these tools have gained more than a small foothold in their potential market.

“This report, based on Mintigo’s Customer Intelligence Platform that constantly analyzes over 5 million businesses and 50 million contacts, reveals insights that help Marketeers do better marketing,” added Shama, “Our findings show the power and the richness of insights that can be harvested by Mintigo from the Social Web.”

Predictive Technologies

Mintigo’s technology can identify companies that have implemented different marketing tools by applying big data analytics to public data on websites and social networks. For example, Mintigo can infer a company’s use of Salesforce CRM by looking at HTML code or JavaScript on the company’s website, job postings looking for Salesforce experience, or employee profiles listing Salesforce duties. In similar fashion, Mintigo can infer firmographic attributes like industry and employee count.

“Mintigo is a powerful customer intelligence platform that can unlock critical insights about potential customers,” said Joe Payne, the former CEO of Eloqua. “By pointing this technology at the fast-growing marketing automation market, they have identified the many businesses that have yet to adopt a solution – thereby creating a list of prospects to sell to.  That is extremely valuable information to the vendors in the space.”

“In order to be effective, marketing needs to be more data driven than ever as well as find ways to utilize the right technology to enhance and expand their efforts,” added Shama. “If you consider all the perceived buildup in the marketing automation space with M&A activity and marketing thought leadership pieces on this topic, then you can say that the future of B2B marketing relies on better data, better insights, better intelligence to drive marketing campaigns.”

Richard L. Tso is a reporter for Adotas and an avid writer covering the intersection of technology and advertising, fashion and music. With over 12 years of experience in the Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations industries, Richard has held executive positions at global agencies and technology companies and is founder of the interactive communications firm Pseudosound Consulting LLC. A classical cellist and painter, he believes that sometimes sound carries more weight than words. He is a graduate of Stanford University.

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