EXCLUSIVE: An Inside Look Into AdStation’s Products and Business Strategies for 2014


ADOTAS – AdStation, Adknowledge’s email channel, recently  invited us over to share with us their plans and products for 2014.  What follows is a firsthand account of what we learned during our visit.

To begin with, AdStation is launching new products in 2014 while simultaneously taking all of their email offerings international.  AdStation understands that when advertisers survey the landscape of digital advertising, they must plot the most direct and most rewarding path towards consistent ROI.  And when it comes to email, that path begins with technology.

“AdStation has always focused on technological innovations,” said General Manager of AdStation, Matt Hoggatt.  “The email industry has shifted from bulk-mailing to smart-mailing.  Sending a much smaller amount of mail while targeting precise users with specific offers is how you ensure quality conversions.  Very soon we’ll be announcing our newest product, ‘AdStation Custom Audiences,’ which is really the result of nearly a decade of targeting innovations.”

“AdStation Custom Audiences” will allow advertisers to target new consumers with unprecedented granular demographic data like age, gender, marital status, purchase intent, homeownership status and household income.  While still in beta, AdStation performed a test with advertiser 3 Day Blinds, in which they were able to target more than six million individual users across the AdStation network.

“We couldn’t believe the results,” said 3 Day Blinds Director of Marketing Adele Nasr.  “We scheduled over 700 qualified appointments in the first three months, which showed a nine times higher ROI over alternative lead generation methods–including paid search!  Our experience with AdStation has been vastly superior to anyone else we’ve ever worked with.”

AdStation is also offering CPM pricing to advertisers in 2014 and increasing the reach of their international offerings.  Competitors in the digital advertising space really have their work cut out for them.  At this time, AdStation mailings are generating ROI beyond that of paid search, including Google.  And their international efforts have proven just as effective. Starting with UK advertisers and publishers, AdStation is planning on expanding AdStation International across all of Europe, and then the world.

In closing, it appears that 2014 may be AdStation’s best year yet. AdStation’s technological innovations give the company an advantage over the competition that just can’t be ignored.  AdStation has proven, response-based, targeting data on over 400 million email users, and brining all that data to bear on the international market is going to be a joy to watch in 2014.

For more information about AdStation, please visit http://www.adstation.com/asl06/.


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