Covario: 2014 Search Outlook for Brand Advertisers (Blogshare)


ADOTAS — In a recent blog post, Covario’s head of global paid media strategy, Alex Funk, offered a 2014 Search Marketing Outlook for Brand Advertisers, as well as reporting on the Death of 10 Blue Links. But first, he recapped the year just past and how it set the state for the year ahead.

“With the door officially closed on 2013, we pause to look back at a year where saw many changes in the Google search landscape,” writes Funk. “As noted in a previous post, the Knowledge Graph, Local Carousel, and the more recent algorithm change Hummingbird all brought large changes to brand advertisers.

“In 2013 Product Listing Ads (PLAs) became common place and began cannibalizing click share from traditional text ads. But the biggest change for advertisers came around the mid-year point with the upgrade to Google’s Enhanced Campaigns (previously thought to be the AdWords Apocalypse). This overhaul of a decade old system bestowed advertisers more rich text ad formats, with pictures, larger ad copy, more sitelinks and ad extensions options than we had ever seen.”


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