BlueKai’s 2014 Predictions: Data Relationships, Programmatic, Measurement and Wearables

Inplace #2

ADOTAS — The dataphiles over at BlueKai have made the following predictions for 2014.

1. 2nd-Party Data Relationships Increase As A Result Of A Cookie-less World. Within 12 months the industry will be knee deep in a world where cookies are not the currency of online advertising. Much like the transcontinental railroads in the 1800’s, the key will be to connect this cookie-less world by leveraging solutions that link this growing multi-channel world. This will also create increased dependence on 2nd-party data – the sharing of private data connections in closed door relationships between major brands and publishers – we are already seeing this and 2014 is the year this becomes the primary area of importance. The result: Brands will need to be better informed on executing 1:1 deals which will emphasize the growth of 2nd party data in 2014.

2. Programmatic Will Extend Beyond the Banner. 2014 will be a year in which programmatic buying will go beyond the banner and start to penetrate social media and even Television. This will provide additional insight across additional channels with TV offering more opportunities with the continued rise of the second-screen experience. As a result, brands will look to leverage online customer insights in new channels.

3. Advertising Proves Measurement for the “Other 50%”. 2014 promises to be the year in which brands become more demanding on their marketing ROI.  The development of the enterprise-marketing suite dictates that they close the loop on all elements of the marketing mix. With the rise of programmatic buying and big data analytics, brands and ad agencies will be better informed in determining if their messaging really works.Madison Avenue will continue to be upended by analytics as brands will shift marketing dollars more frequently based on real-time statistics and data.

4. Wearable Technology will stand on its own. With the rise of wearable technology like Google Glass, a new media channel will emerge for brands and marketers to gather information. By gathering these insights, a race between wearable technology and mobile will heat up for the channel to beat for insights.