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ADOTAS – It’s been a big week in AdLand, with a lot of impressive content to kick off the new year. Luckily, we’ve sifted through to find the top five ads of the week for your viewing pleasure, and this week’s round-up is all about family (aww).

Read on for a bizarre singalong by mums to their sons, a tribute to mums for the Winter Olympics, and a family at risk in a new driving safety ad. We kick off, though, with a bit of light-hearted Super Bowl promo from Pepsi.


5. Pepsi

If you’re as excited as us about the 2014 Super Bowl (which is now precisely 22 days and 12 hours away) then you’ll be itching to see this new ad from Pepsi.

The soft drink giant takes a nostalgic look at the first-ever American Football match, when the concept of ‘half-time’ was alien and it took some pretty girls with a bottle of pop to coax the men off the field. We’re then treated to a bit of a party, some indulgent swigging shots and a 19th-Century selfie.

Historical accuracy aside, the 30-second ad ties the brand to the event perfectly. It also acts as a great promotion for this year’s Pepsi-sponsored Super Bowl half-time show with Bruno Mars, who provides the soundtrack for the spot.

With almost 40,000 shares in just a few days, you can expect the hype to keep building for Super Bowl ads, and we’ll be covering them right here over the next few weeks.

4. New Zealand Transport Agency

It’s no easy task to make people pay attention to a public service announcement. Often, the creative needs to be relatable and emotive just to get its foot in the door. This one-minute spot from the New Zealand Transport Agency manages both, and very effectively.

It stops in the moment right before a car crash, so that the two drivers involved are given time to understand what’s happened, who’s to blame, and to plead for their survival. Ultimately, their conversation is futile and the inevitable happens, which will certainly make you think twice before you make the same mistake on the road.

With 157,809 shares in the last seven days, the ad has clearly resonated with drivers globally, and should remain a popular example of how to make great advertising for public services. Give it a watch and see what you think.

3. Heineken

You are in a nightclub and you’ve had way too many drinks. The room is starting to spin and the bar is the only thing keeping you upright. I think most of us have been there, right?

The next morning your head feels terrible and you start to go through what went wrong. If only you had drunk less. If only you had not had that extra tequila shot. If only Armin van Buuren had been the DJ.

OK, so the third is probably one that has never popped into your head after a night of heavy drinking, but after watching Heineken’s “The Experiment” it just might from now on.

You see, the drinks brand set up an experiment to see what kind of effect musichas on the amount of drinks sold at a nightclub. To do this, they used the same nightclub, the same hours and the same number of people. The only difference between the two nights was the DJs.

During the first night, they used a bog-standard club DJ. The results are pretty much like any nightclub you have ever been to: some people dance, some people cradle their drinks – more than 1,000 drinks are sold. During the second night, however, they used DJ van Buuren – and the difference was startling. Lots of people dance, not a lot of people go to the bar – a lot fewer drinks are bought.

The point? Well, as Gianluca Di Tondo, senior director at Heineken explains: “For us, ‘Dance More, Drink Slow’ is an opportunity to create a moderation movement – a fresh look at how we approach the single most difficult issue that affects our industry today. Collaborating with Armin Van Buuren – another iconic Dutch brand – to create “Save My Night” sends a clear message to consumers that they can enjoy themselves, while also remaining in control.”

Armin van Buuren added: “When I play a DJ set to thousands of music lovers, I want them to enjoy the moment, to remember it after the night has finished. This means consuming alcohol in moderation, so that the moment is not lost.

“The reason I have partnered with Heineken on ‘Dance More, Drink Slow’ is because we have a fantastic opportunity, and responsibility, to connect better with our audience and affect behavior change. Drinking responsibly is an important issue and being able to use music, specifically the “Save my Night” track, to innovatively deliver that message directly to fans on the dance floor is unique.”

The ad, accompanied by music track “Save My Night”, attracted more than 12,000 views on launch-day, and has been trending since.

2. Old Spice

Mums seem to be a theme this week, with P&G’s tear-jerking spot for the Winter Olympics focusing on all that they do for their kids to lead them to greatness (see #1 spot). Old Spice, however, have taken a slightly different slant on the mother-child relationship in its new 60-second ad.

The ‘Mom Song’ sees a range of distraught mothers bemoaning the fact their sons have now come of age.

No longer the little boys they used to feed and look after when they fell over, they are now young adults who are more interested in cars, girls and manhood than their poor mothers.

And the mums are not taking it well. They spy on them and sing about their troubles, blaming Old Spice’s new range of body sprays, of course, for this sudden change.

It’s an interesting take on the ‘overprotective mother’ from the brand, who are famed for their bold and engaging campaigns.

The ad, created by Wieden & Kennedy as part of the creatively-named “Smellcome to Manhood” campaign, has received criticism for being just a little too creepy (note the mum-disguised-as-a-caretaker scene), but that hasn’t stopped it racking up an impressive 107,034 shares over the past seven days.

1. Proctor & Gamble

Tissues at the ready – Proctor & Gamble has released a weepy successor to its critically-acclaimed 2012 London Olympics spot “Best Job”.

The two-minute ad highlights the role a mother plays in an athlete’s success, this time focussing on the future champions of the Winter Olympics, due to be held in Sochi, Russia, next month.

They are shown falling over as tiny tots, only to be helped up by mum and encouraged to keep going.

The spot shares the same emotive soundtrack as its predecessor – Ludovico Einaudi’s Primavera – which will have you reaching for the tissues in no time.

With 286,464 shares in seven days, the ad is standing on its own two feet (sorry) and will no doubt do well for P&G, who are also sending $1,000 Visa gift cards to each of the 357 Olympic athlete’s mums as part of the campaign, intended to help them travel to Sochi.

– Claire Roberts



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