5 New Video Ads You Should Watch Right Now: Jaguar, Squarespace, Axe, Apple, ‘Devil’s Due’


ADOTAS – The last seven days have seen a whirlwind of new content from adland, and we’ve sifted through it all to find the best for this week’s round-up.

Brands started to tease us with Super Bowl tasters, tech giant Apple launched an intriguing new campaign, and the prankvert showed us all that it’s alive and kicking (and screaming, from a pram…)

Read on for this week’s top five new ads!

5. Jaguar

Jaguar has been quick out of the blocks this year, releasing a teaser for its 2014 Super Bowl campaign before many other participating brands.

It’s the first time the luxury car manufacturer has taken a Super Bowl slot, and its ‘British Villains’ campaign may well hit a sweet spot in the US market.

From Royal-mania to affection for the ‘Inglish ecksunt’, jolly old Britishness often goes down well across the Pond. Jaguar’s new campaign taps into this, hiring veteran actor Ben Kingsley to play the part of a classic British villain.

Every villain needs a decent ride, leading nicely to the introduction of the campaign’s co-star, the new F-Type coupe, which Jaguar is hoping will become the object of desire for many an American come Super Bowl Sunday.

The ad is directed by Tom Hooper, who won awards for his work on The King’s Speech, and certainly looks slick – I’m just interested to see if the all-things-British strategy pays off.

4. Squarespace

It’s a well known fact that brands shell out huge amounts of money for an ad slot during the Super Bowl. 2014’s $4 million dollar asking price is a record breaking high, so for smaller companies purchasing one can be a make or break moment.

Web company Squarespace, which provides a slick Content Managemant System and website builder for a monthly fee, has taken the plunge this year, and just released a teaser for its ‘A Better Web Awaits’ campaign.

At first glance the spot is a hodge podge of memes: face swaps, epic fails, a cheeky Joseph Ducreux… But the maniacal screeching violins, back-alley setting and all round creepy atmosphere turn the well-known images into threatening oddities.

It’s an effective teaser from the internet company, and hints at a full-length ad that should get the crowds talking. The question is, will Squarespace end up seeing any bang for their buck?

3. Axe

Axe is rightly famed for their bold marketing moves. Just last year, they offered 20 would-be Neil Armstrongs the chance to go to space with the help of its Axe Apollo campaign.

Now the Unilever brand has come back to Earth with an even more ambitious objective: world peace.

Though that goal seems a little lofty for a deodorant brand, Axe is apparently a bunch of hopeless romantics. Their latest campaign with BBH London, “Make Love, Not War”, is a tongue-in-cheek, but nonetheless epic, tribute to love conquering all.

In a sweeping cinematic montage, we see familiar scenes of turmoil and political strife – the rice paddies of the Vietnam War, a besieged urban landscape and a military rally led by someone who looks suspiciously like a certain North Korean dictator.

If newspapers and pop culture have taught us anything, these scenes can only end badly. However, in an act of rug-pulling typical of Axe, these moments resolve in a manner more appropriate to Valentine’s Day.

Weapons and tanks are cast aside as fireworks blaze and couples embrace. If “Make Love, Not War” is anything to be believed, all politicians, no matter race or political persuasion, are united by a love for grand romantic gestures.

“Make Love, Not War” is Axe’s entry for the upcoming Super Bowl, and the concept and execution are suitably grandiose for the slot.

While we can only wish real geopolitics was this fuzzy and heart-warming, Axe has certainly made a good case for popping some flowers in any nearby rifle barrels.

In fact, roses would probably be best.

2. Apple

You may have been under the impression that Apple’s iPad was only useful for playing Candy Crush and taking awkward selfies, but think again.

This new ad from the tech giant brings the popular gadget out of the sitting room and shows it being used in unexpected environments – a helicopter, where pilots use it for navigation; an ice-hockey rink, where a coach illustrates tactics; a hillside where storm-catchers are monitoring the intensity of a hurricane.

The footage is surprising, captivating and well-edited, but perhaps the most effective aspect of the 90 second spot is its voiceover. Pulled directly from Robin Williams’ acclaimed turn in the 1989 film Dead Poets Society, the lengthly quote imagines that we all have a verse to contribute to the universe’s poetry.

Apple wants us to share ours with the new iPad Air.

It’s a bold campaign, accompanied by a site that tells the story behind some of what we’re shown. In just one day the ad has been viewed almost 850,000 times, and shares will soar over the next week. Take a look and see what you think.

1. “Devil’s Due”

There’s something very, very rotten in the Big Apple. But if you think we’re talking about thugs roaming the streets or armed criminals, think again.

No, this menace comes from a very unlikely source – a baby. However, this is no normal child. This one chases people down the street, projectile vomits (OK, this is pretty normal behavior), and flips off the police (not so normal). The youth of today…

It’s the latest campaign from the dastardly minds at Thinkmodo – who scored a major viral hit with their Telekinetic Surprise prank for the remake of horror filmCarrie last year.

This time it’s for another horror flick – Devil’s Due – which is due to be released this Friday. And if first impressions are anything to go by, it’s well worth a watch.

The new video shows what can only be described as a demon baby scaring well-meaning New Yorkers out of their wits.

Anyone nice enough to check on the crying baby in the pushchair is soon left to regret it as it bolts upright and starts screaming looking like something out of The Exorcist.

Of course, it’s not a real baby, rather a incredibly realistic robot that could well haunt your dreams for the next few days. You have been warned.

However, plenty have watched the ad already and are evil enough to want to share it with their friends and peers. The ad has attracted almost 30 million views in just three days.

— Claire Roberts


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