3Q Digital: 2014 Predictions on Social, SEO, Remarketing, Attribution, and Search


ADOTAS — Executives from Bay Area-based full-service digital marketing agency 3Q Digital are weighing in with their 2014 predictions regarding various verticals in the online ad space.

David Rodnitzky, Founder/CEO

Twitter completely overhauls its ad system to allow multiple sponsored posts per feed as well as to allow advertisers to buy “themes” (like “The Shark Tank”) and get coverage across a broader reach without having to set up so many individual campaigns.

Facebook finally roles out the Facebook Display Network (FDN) to compete with Google’s Display Network (GDN).

  • Twitter allowing multiple sponsored posts per feed.
  • Twitter allowing advertisers to buy themes.
  • Facebook Display Network (FDN).

Kent Yunk, VP of SEO

  1. Continued movement of search traffic to mobile devices.
  2. As a result, increasing focus on mobile search and optimizing webpages for mobile devices.
  3. Natural language algorithms make Q&A content becoming less obscure (long tail).

Susan Waldes, Director of Client Services

I think that the new conversion types Adwords released today will serve as a foundation for new kinds of remarketing within Adwords. First, cross-device remarketing and then location based remarketing. I see a new world where remarketing tied to real life events is democratized and dramatically improved from anything available today even to huge advertisers.

  • Remarketing within Adwords.
  • Remarketing tied to real life events.

Ron Fusco, Analytics Specialist

2014 will the year multi-channel/multi-screen attribution comes into it’s own and becomes the next big thing in ad tech.  However, the attribution players will have to deal with one overriding issue. Another prediction, privacy continues to take center stage with more of the population blocking 3rd party trackers and enabling “Do Not Track”. This means that the industry will have to find creative solutions and a few major players will emerge, with Google leading the charge.

Sana Ansari, Director of Search

With the release of Google’s cross device tracking there I’m expecting a bigger shift in focus on mobile – understanding and optimizing the mobile experience as advertisers begin realizing its first touch value and investing more spend there.

Also expecting to see a rise in the percent of GDN advertisers/investment as google continues to shape the network to be more ROI driven by introducing new targeting such as in market audiences and DCO w/ ROAS.

  • Shift to focus on mobile.
  • Optimizing mobile experience.
  • Increase in Google Display Network (GDN) advertising.


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