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Dec 4, 2013 
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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., December 4, 2013  (ADOTAS) -– Zimmerman Advertising today announced they will oversee all of White Castle’s marketing and advertising efforts, including the addition of a full website redesign. Agency of Record since 2008, Zimmerman’s 360-degree approach – which includes more than advertising but real business solutions – resonated with White Castle, who appointed the agency to begin the redesign immediately. Zimmerman edged out several other agencies for the redesign and currently handles all of White Castle’s marketing, including traditional, social and digital, which was won in 2011.

Zimmerman will work with White Castle to revamp both the website and the merger of its site. The goal being to create an interactive website bringing White Castle’s brand experience to customers online. The website’s functionality will integrate additional ways customers can interact with the brand, aggregating user generated content from social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest and promoting one-click sharing of its content outward by visitors to the site.

“Our speed to market is one of our greatest strengths,” said Zimmerman President Andrew Varga. “With the explosive growth of our digital and social expertise, we are able to deliver the most consistent brand experience across all customer touchpoints for all our clients. Our understanding of White Castle’s business allows us to really extend our reach to the customer experience through a fully socially-integrated, dynamic content platform on the Web.”

“Zimmerman understands our challenges because they get behind us and our counters,” said Kim Bartley, Vice President of Marketing and Menu Development for White Castle. “They don’t just tackle our marketing problems; they help us continually improve our business. Zimmerman brought us the best solution for contemporizing our Web experience and increasing our engagement with our customers through technology that delivers a fully customized experience to visitors to our site.”

About Zimmerman Advertising

Zimmerman is the 14th largest full-service agency in the U.S. and Omnicom Group’s retail powerhouse. Zimmerman created the science of Brandtailing™, building brand equity over time while driving immediate growth. Holistic by design, their brand-activation business model includes strategic planning, business analytics, brand design, advertising, interactive, social engagement, media, public relations, mobile, CRM/Loyalty and in-house production. For more information, visit, join us at and follow us on Twitter @ZimmermanAdv.

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